Biloxi Bound

The day after I got back from my girls’ trip cruise with Ginger and Raegan, Marie and I got on a plane at Hobby airport and flew to Biloxi.  This was a complimentary flight with a free hotel room for three nights.  I know I have said it before, but we love the Biloxi/Gulfport area.  So beachy and laid back.  And for those of you hysterical types, there is plenty of history to check out.  It seems like so many adventures come to us and we are enjoying them all.  Leaving my husband at home to oversee the remodeling project was a no-brainer.  He loves a mission and I love for him to have one.  As before this chemo has not made him sick, and he can’t stand the thought of leaving our cats and would rather stay home.  And so it goes and so do Marie and I.


We got seated and all comfortable.  A really nice couple from Conroe sat next to me.  As I got adjusted in my seat, I placed my purse under the seat in front of me.  This was fine for a few minutes until a woman in the seat directly in front of me chastised me for putting my purse under her seat.  She let me know that I was supposed to put my purse under my own seat.  Just as I was about to correct, a lady several rows up spoke up and said “No, it goes under the seat in front of you.”  Problem solved, except for the fact that her seat back was in the reclining position even during takeoff and landing.  I behaved and never said a word.  I’ll take that Brownie point now.

We really enjoy the Biloxi trip.  The flight is short, only about an hour and a half.  Free cocktails on the way to Biloxi but no cocktails on the return.  A bus picks us up at the airport, takes care of our luggage, and delivers us to the Beau Rivage where our luggage is delivered to our room.  As always, our room was lovely.  It overlooked the baseball field where the Biloxi Shuckers play.  We could have watched a game if they had been playing and oh yeah, if we hadn’t had gambling on our minds.

We went straight to the casino to check out what new machines were there.  There was a new Willy Wonka, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, new versions of older machines, and lots more.  I think I tried them all, but without much luck.  I even tried my old favorites like Hot Shot, Double Triple Diamond, Three Kings – all with very little luck.

One day we took a taxi to Harrah’s to play and did okay, but not well enough to video any good wins.  There lots of casinos in Biloxi and Gulfport but it’s hard to get around to all of them with no car.  In the past we have driven to Biloxi from my house and it’s about a eight or nine hour drive.  We tried to hit as many as possible, but still ran out of time before our mission was accomplished.

We are headed back around Thanksgiving in combination with a cruise out of New Orleans and spending a few days during the Thanksgiving holiday with our sister Cheryl and her husband Kerry at their condo in Destin, Florida.  We will stay in Biloxi the night before the cruise, the three nights after, during which our husbands will show up, on to Destin, back to Biloxi and then finally home.  Such a crazy schedule, but so much fun.  Until the next adventure ……..


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