Just A Friendly Little Game of Monopoly

Spring is in the air and Albertson’s Monopoly Game is in full swing. We are trying to win and are giving it our best shot. We have until May 3 to collect all the tickets we can and that includes a lot of driving, purchasing hundreds and hundreds of packages of Ramen noodle soup, and making lots of trips to food banks.

Marie has a number of Albertson’s Grocery stores in her area but I don’t have any. Albertson’s has partnered with Randall’s Grocery stores in the Houston area and Tom Thumb in the Dallas area and they are all participating in the Monopoly game. Last week I made a trip to a Randall’s and was only able to buy six flats of Ramen because that was all they had. I received 161 tickets plus 14 more because of groceries I bought. Out of 175 game pieces I received one coupon for a free
12-pack of Dr. Pepper product, 24 coupons for 2 free tickets each and 55 coupons for cents off products.

Earlier in the month we made a trip to Bossier City, Louisiana to purchase Ramen and donate to the food bank. Plus it was past time to work on maintaining our Diamond status at the Horseshoe Casino. We met at the Horseshoe in the Diamond Lounge on a Wednesday. Love the drinks and the bartenders in the Diamond Lounge, plus the hors d’oeuvres are usually really good. All of the Diamond Lounges we have been to are very nice and each offers different bar foods.

We met a cute couple from Missouri who were stopping off on their way to Houston to board a cruise ship. They told us that the Diamond Lounge at Harrah’s in Las Vegas is the nicest one they have been to. We tried to go there on our last trip to Las Vegas, but the line to get in was a mile long and we didn’t want to wait. Instead we went to the one at Caesar’s and it was nice. Caesar’s has waiters to bring drinks to your table, but in Bossier City, you have to order at the bar and carry it to your table yourself. My favorite food in Bossier is their fried coconut lobster on a stick. This last time there was crab stuffed shrimp and they always have fresh salads and homemade potato chips.

We each had our own rooms this trip. Usually we share a room because Marie thinks I will sleep all day if I get a chance and she’s right. Because we had lots of stops to make at two Albertson’s and shopping to do at Belk Department Store plus donating at the food bank, she had me on a schedule. By the way, I know I have mentioned it before, but the beds at the Horseshoe are the best. Such good sleep. She did let me sleep until 10:30, but I could have slept much longer.

After we had a bit of refreshment, it was on to the casino. We started on the third floor. I went to Superman and had no luck. Then to Rumble Rumble and Buffalo Stampede. No luck on any of these. I am beginning to think I need to go back to the old time machines like Double Diamond and Triple Diamond. I went down to the first floor where the Hot Shot machines are and hit a few small jackpots and got back some of my losses. I played Luck of the Lemur and got one bonus. Marie wanted me to play Three Kings and I did and got up over $200. I have attached a video of my play on Three Kings.



The next morning we got up and went to the Albertson’s in Shreveport which is the sister city to Bossier.  We bought twenty two flats of Ramen and immediately dropped them off at the local food bank.  We then took a break and stopped at a Mexican food restaurant to eat.  We had to have it.  How do people in other states live without TexMex food?  And I’m not talking Taco Bell.  Real sit down Mexican food, fresh fried chips and salsa, guacamole, Margaritas, enchiladas, the works.

We wanted to make a video of our experience with Albertson’s because the process is very rewarding in that we are contributing to a good cause by feeding the hungry as well as the hope it gives us to try to win the contest all the while raising Albertson’s and Ramen’s profits.  In addition we usually have grocery shopping to do for our family, so everybody wins, well maybe not us so far.  But we keep trying.  Here is a video we took in the Albertson’s checkout line using a selfie stick I bought.  But for some reason that we haven’t figured out yet, there is no sound.  Wouldn’t you just know that if something could go wrong, it will.  If you can read lips or enjoy silent movies, we hope you will enjoy this video.




Then it was back to the casino.  I felt the poker table calling me and decided to play before I hit the slots.  Marie was on the first floor playing Davinci Diamonds and the poker room was on the same floor.   I got a seat at a 1-3 no limit hold-em table.  I am usually a very cautious better and a bad bluffer.  I usually have to have something in my hand to bet, like a pair, A-K, or 2 high cards suited.  And then I like to play with caution to try to grow the pot.  I was dealt a pair of threes and the dealer flopped a three.  I bet the minimum and it went around the table.  On the turn, the dealer turned over another three and I made a small raise and the only other female at the table raised $25.00 and around the table it went.  I ended up with a $300 pot.  Not bad on a $100 buy-in.  If only I had gotten up then while I was ahead, but not so.  I guess you could say it saved me money because I could have spent that and more on the slots.

The next morning Marie went downstairs to breakfast and I had day old donuts in my room while I got ready.  And then it was off to Albertson’s in Shreveport, the food bank and Belk to check out their sale.  No time for other casinos this trip so the Horseshoe got all of our business.  We bought 12 flats at the Shreveport location and then went back to Bossier City and bought 9 more.  We were emptying the shelves and decided to make this our last Ramen purchase for this trip.  Our checker at the store was very efficient and kind enough to let us video him ringing up our purchase.  Since I didn’t use the selfie stick, this video has sound.



After stopping at the food bank and being recognized by “Oh, you’re back!” we made a quick stop at Belk where I bought too much. Here is a video I took of Marie with her basket of Ramen.  I thought that a good name for us would be Vidiots, but little did I know that there is a video store in Santa Monica, California with that name.  Maybe we’ll go and take a selfie in front of the store.



We were invited to a chef’s demonstration and dinner at the Horseshoe where they were giving away free-play prizes of $1000 each.  So we hurried back and hit the Diamond Lounge before our dinner at 8:30.  The dinner was very tasty and the wine was flowing.  We were seated at a not so friendly table or so we thought at first.  The people to the left of us didn’t have anything to say to any of us at the table.  But as soon as dinner was over one of the women grabbed the centerpiece and left with it.  Why she would want it I can’t imagine since it was a mason jar with a plastic spoon and a plastic spatula glued down in it, but maybe she didn’t have any at home and was going to do some canning.  However, she is going to have a heck of a time getting the utensils out of the mason jar.  It is dewberry season in Texas.

We played for a few hours.  I found some machines on the third floor that I had forgotten about.  They were quarter Triple Cash machines and years ago there would have been a line behind each machine waiting for someone to get up.  I have attached a video of my play on the machine, proof that the old-timey machines may still have some life in them.


The next day was a travel day and we needed to get home to our husbands and cats.  Next week we will be going on another free cruise, this time we are flying to Los Angeles and cruising to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan.  Can’t wait, vacay for eight days and then we are staying in California for three days to hit as many Albertson’s as possible.  We have several thousand coupons for free tickets and we may make some purchases to donate while we are there.  Whatever we can accomplish, we need to work fast.  Windshield time uses up a lot of valuable Monopoly play time, but we will give it all we’ve got and let you know how we did.



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