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So we just got back from Las Vegas and one would think that would be enough.  However, The Artesian Hotel in Sulphur, Oklahoma had sent us hotel offers and free play money.  And I since I was still in Mansfield, TX and I didn’t have my car and Marie’s husband had a business trip in Detroit, we thought, “what the heck”, let’s go.

This is a beautiful boutique hotel nestled in the downtown area of Sulphur and it was fully decorated for Christmas.  As we entered the lobby, we were greeted by the gracious employees while smells of apple cider and hot chocolate permeated the air.  The hotel has three floors and all three floors were decorated for Christmas. There were 13 Christmas trees located around the hotel including one in the casino.  On the second floor was Santa and cookies and milk for the children young and old.  We snuck in grabbed a few cookies for later in the night.

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When we got to our room, which was beautiful, a complementary Christmas ornament was on our dresser.  Oh and two bedre’ chocolates, but more on that later.

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The casino at the Artesian is very small but has some good slot machines.  Buffalo Stampede, Davinci Diamonds, Giants Gold and many more.  The afternoon we got there I noticed Bier Haus had a jackpot that had to hit by $500.00.  It was at $458.00 and  I just knew it would hit this week.  Some young adults were on it that night, but had run out of “fun money” and left.  So I immediately got on it.  They might have the stamina to sit there all night, but I’ve got mo’ money to play.  Oklahoma allows 18 year olds to gamble.  We saw quite a few high school age players while we were there.  Marie was on Giants Gold and I was on Bier Haus until we couldn’t stay awake any longer.  I had made around $400 on it by hitting the bonus several times.    So at about 2:30 am we went to our room.

The casino was having a promotion on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to double one’s points.  For every 50 points you would receive a scratch-off ticket to win from $5 to $500 with a maximum of 5 scratch-off tickets.  However we don’t think the points were being doubled because on a $.50 bet on a penny machine, it took 20 spins in order to earn one point.  After 10:00 it still took 20 spins to earn one point.  Marie earned 2 scratch-offs and I earned 3 scratch-offs.  We each never had a ticket for more than $5.  And even the next day it was still taking 20 spins to earn one point.  We complained but we were told that each machine was calibrated differently from another machine.

To be fair and in the interest of giving the casino the benefit of the doubt, there was a power surge earlier in the day and the lights went out and the machines flashed off and back on.  I’m thinking that might have messed up the “calibration” of the machines.

The next morning Marie got up before me and headed down to the casino.  Bier Haus was empty and the jackpot still had not hit.  So Marie sat down and played for about an hour and then….. after a bonus round, a low voice came from the machine, “Major Jackpot Awarded”.  So essentially, we both made about the same amount of money on Bier Haus.

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It was time to go home after a few days, but before we left Oklahoma, we had to stop at the Bedre’ Chocolate factory and retail store.  We bought about $150.00 worth of delicious chocolate for gifts and some for ourselves.  It is wonderful chocolate so please visit this store on I-35 in Davis Oklahoma, Adventure Road as Oklahomans call it.

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Merry Christmas.

Dianne and Marie

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