It was the fall flood of 2015, roads were under water, creeks and lakes were swollen, power was out in some areas, Floresville Texas got hit with a tornado and what better time to go to the casino, which is precisely where Marie and I went.  FYI, my son Greg and his family live in Floresville but they were fine.

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The casino has generators so they always have power.  Our friend Marcia and I are just as likely to go to Tunica, Mississippi during a snow and ice storm.  Our husbands will never let us forget the time we got stranded at Harrah’s Tunica on New Year’s Eve with no rooms.  Roads were iced over, there was a blizzard outside and although Marcia and I were able to drive ourselves from her house in Arkansas to the casino, we couldn’t get back to her house where our husbands were waiting.  We called our husbands to come get us and boy, were they not happy because it took 4 hours to make a 1 hour drive.

Then in addition to Marcia and I acting like fools, Marie and I have had a few icy adventures.  One weekend during the winter of 2013, we decided to head to the Artisian Hotel and Spa and Casino in Sulphur, Oklahoma because we had free play and rooms we didn’t want to let expire.  There was an ice and snow storm forecasted for later in the week and we thought we could beat it.  We figured we would drive about 3 hours to the Artisian and play for a couple of days and get back to Mansfield ahead of the storm that was coming.  On the second day, we got up and decided we should head south after we had watched the weather channel.  We drove to Winstar Casino which is south of Sulphur and north of Dallas and on the way back to Marie’s house.  We had free rooms reserved and checked in.  The next morning when we awoke and looked out the window of our rooms, we were shocked to see nothing but white.  We had valet parked my car and could see it in the parking lot, but the attendants were not able to move it because of the icy conditions.  We could also see I-35 from our window and there was no traffic on the highway- no trucks, no cars, no buses, nothing was moving.

So our next step was to call our husbands and let them know we were stranded and would try to come home the next day.  Guess what?  Six days later we were finally able to get out of the parking lot and go home which was a good thing because the hotel was short on employees, clean linens and food.  Employees that had gotten there the first day of the storm were put up in rooms so they could attend to the few guests (and I mean few) that were there.  Winstar was very hospitable and handled everything with competence. A side note… Winstar is the largest casino in the World.

Back to the flood.  We had to postpone our trip by one day.  We were supposed to check into the Horseshoe Bossier City on Sunday but ended up not checking in until Monday.  Our slot hostess arranged for four nights in a lovely premium room for us and $50 credit each for food and beverage.  We decided to save our credit for later in the week and go to Binion’s Steakhouse.  That night we had the buffet and it was good as usual.  Plus, Marie had a coupon for two free buffets so we didn’t have to use our credit or spend our money on food.

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And we have arrived.

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The Horseshoe was having a promotion to multiply reward points by up to 100X on Mondays and Tuesdays in October.  We went to the third floor to swipe our player cards to see what our multiplier would be.  We each got a 10X multiplier and went down to the first floor where our favorite machines are- Hot Shot, Davinci Diamonds, Buffalo Stampede, Luck of the Lemur, Gold Bar 7’s and Stacks of Gold, and lots more.  Marie says that I love all slot machines and she’s probably right.  I never met a machine I didn’t like except one that won’t give me even a little hope.

We also had another goal which was to make Diamond status.  I needed less than 1,000 credits and Marie needed less than 2,000.  I made it on Tuesday.  There is more than one perk to making Diamond status.  Some of the perks are access to the VIP lounge which hosts special events and dinners, free drinks, and hors d’ oeuvres in the lounge, exemption from resort fees on rooms, first seating on poker tables, premium rooms and/or suites, $100.00 to be used on a celebratory dinner, 20% discount at gift shops, and Norwegian Cruise Lines Discounts.  Marie is so close to Diamond status that she should make it before the middle of November.  We are anxious to enjoy the benefits of Diamond status when we go to Las Vegas in December.  More on that later.

I started on the Stacks of Gold machine.  It almost always has someone playing it, but today it was open so I sat down.  I ended up hitting a few small pots.  Next to me sat a woman playing Wicked Winnings III.  I like that machine too.  She and I started talking and I noticed she had an accent that sounded Australian.  Her name is Helen Griffiths and is originally from New Zealand but now lives in Texas with her husband.  She is a part time actress, in fact she has had a recurring role on Days of Our Lives for years playing a nurse.  She also had a part in Miss Congeniality and several Willie Nelson movies.  I took a picture of Helen, but it is pretty blurry.  Since it’s the only picture I have of Helen,  I am going to include it.  Helen, I’ll try to do better next time.  What a sweet lady.

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I played Stacks of Gold for a while and cashed out over $200.00 which was a good start to the week.  I left and went to find Marie.  She was on Davinci and I went on to Luck of the Lemur.  I hit the bonus twice but didn’t win much either time.  I decided to go to the room and get ready for bed.  Our hot water heater was out at home and I wasn’t able to wash my hair before I left so I thought it might be a good time to get this done.  Plus I was anxious to get into the fabulous Horseshoe bed.  The mattresses are amazing.  And the added bonus was that the Horseshoe has the Bravo channel.  How much better could it get?

On Tuesday we slept in and skipped breakfast and went to the casino to get started on our Diamond Mission.  It only took me a couple of hours and I had my new Diamond card.  We went to the VIP Lounge and celebrated.  They had fruit, cheeses, finger sandwiches, homemade chips, and most delicious deep fried lobster on a stick.  Yum.  And a nice cocktail to go with it.

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Oh, the perks of Diamond.  If you can get close, go for it.  All out if it takes to make it.  We met a lady named Jeanie there reading a book called “Drinking with the Saints”.  It was the first time I had heard of it, Marie had heard about it from the Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio.  I haven’t ordered it yet, but I am planning to.  I’ll let you know when I get around to reading it or trying out some drinks. On Wednesday, we went to Harrah’s Louisiana Downs to spend our free cash and try our luck.  Marie was kept busy on Witches Riches.  I’m thinking it may be right up there with Davinci Diamonds as far as her favorites go.  I played around and didn’t do well on any one machine in particular.  Before long, Marie  was ready to go back to the Horseshoe, and so was I.  This was the day the Horseshoe was having a gift grab so we decided to head back and pick up our gifts.

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I decided to play Mississippi Stud Poker while Marie went down to the first floor.  I have done really well on this game in the past, but have to say this time was very eventful but not profitable.  There was a man on the opposite side of the table who ordered a frozen mud slide.  He decided to switch seats with someone who had gotten up and when he was moving his chips and pack of cigarettes, he knocked over his drink and it spilled all over the table and his chips.  So the pit boss brought a towel to soak up his drink.  I was watching this when the guy who knocked his drink over, proceeded  to pick up his chips and lick them clean.  I wanted to ask him if he knew where those chips had been.  It still makes me cringe when I think of it.  But I do remember watching Dr. Oz one day  licking a toilet seat and  a trash dumpster making a point that our immunity can protect us.  We DON’T plan to EVER lick poker chips, toilet seats or trash dumpsters.

Marie and I had reservations at Jack Binion’s Steakhouse this evening.  We wanted to use our $50 credit each and it was well worth it.  We shared a salad, baked potato and each ordered the filet mignon.  The breads were delicious and we shared crème brulee for desert.  Kendall Jackson Merlot and coffee with dessert  and it was all good.

After dinner, I went to the third floor and played Superman.  It is so fun.


We played for a while then decided it was time for some sleep.  When we got to the elevator the security guards and police had a man in handcuffs leaning on the concierge desk.  We don’t know what he did but it’s always nice to know that the Horseshoe watches out for it’s guests.

On Thursday we decided to try our luck at Eldorado.  There are seven full service casinos with hotels in Bossier City and Shreveport, Louisiana.  But the Horseshoe and Harrah’s are our favorite.  Then Eldorado and Margaritaville come in three and four.  The Eldorado is very generous with giveaways, rooms and meals.   Oh, and cruises.  We are booked on two of them this Spring.

Back at the Horseshoe I decided to play on the third floor.  The “Shoe” is getting some of the new machines which is so much fun.  I sat down at Superman next to a girl named Julia from the Dallas area.  She and her best friend Michael and her stepmom Debbie were on their way to New Orleans to Harrah’s for Halloween.  Although I didn’t get a chance to talk to Debbie, I had a blast with Julia and Michael.

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I did hit a huge win on Buffalo Stampede.

photo (7)


I was playing Luck of the Lemur when Marie came to find me.  She realized she had forgotten to hit the cash out button on her machine and ran back to get her ticket.  A young man was getting up off of her Davinci and had her ticket in his hand.  She demanded he give it to her and he did.  She did say “thank you” and took off toward me.  After all the ticket was almost $70.


We are having a lot of adventures, some scary, some wallet emptying, some exciting, but all fun.  Very nice people including casino employees and players like us, but all nice and we are better for having met them.

Marie did make Diamond status and so we can both gear up for next year.  Our next trip is to Las Vegas in December for a week.  We can’t wait to use our $100 celebratory dinner while we are there.  Three nights at Caesar’s Palace and two nights at the Wynn and lots of good food.  Look for our trip report hopefully before Christmas.

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