Marie and I began to feel the pull of the casino as it had been almost a month since our last trip– our 4-C Adventure. We decided to make it a short trip and go to Louisiana. The nearest casino for me is four hours and Marie can make it in three. That is Bossier City, Louisiana. Coushatta at Kinder, Louisiana and Lake Charles is also four hours for me and about seven for Marie. Since Texas does not have casino gambling (just the lottery and horse and dog tracks), we and all the other Texans who like to gamble have to take our money elsewhere. The Texas Legislature in their infinite wisdom continues to shut it down when a bill for casino gambling comes before them. We were told several times on this trip how much the casinos loved Texans. So we continue to go elsewhere and donate to other states where we can feel the love.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We met in Bossier City at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel. Marie had an offer for three free nights and I didn’t have any. My Total Rewards slot hostess was kind enough to arrange a separate room for me. We love to stay at the Horseshoe because the beds and linens are luscious, the employees are friendly and most of them we have been seeing for years. We had free cash to start our play and free buffets so we were ahead at the beginning of the trip. We headed down to the casino. Marie started out on the Davinci Diamonds which is her favorite slot. Not being as smart as she is, I started out on the Mississippi Stud poker table. Big mistake. I love card games and I love Missisippi Stud and Ultimate Texas Holdem. I usually get suckered in by the lure of the tables, but twice in the past I have hit four of a kind on Stud for close to $4,000 each time. So it’s really hard for me to pass up a table.

After I lost enough, I went in search of Marie. She was exactly where I thought she would be. Davinci had a hold on her. She has so much patience and that’s the best thing you can have when playing slots, that and money. I played the Hot Shots, one of our favorites, and hit the Diamond Seven progressive for $108.00. Hey, things were beginning to look up. After several small hits, we decided to eat. The Horseshoe has a good buffet. Louisiana casinos are not generally known for high-end buffets like Las Vegas, but the Horseshoe and several others are pretty good. Marie bought dinner with her coupons for two free buffets.

When we returned to the casino floor, there was an older gentleman (and I use that term loosely, not older but gentleman), in a US Navy cap playing Marie’s Davinci Diamonds. She moved over to the Hot Shot Machines where she could see her Davinci machine when it was open. She was watching when the guy got up and propped his stool up on the machine and took off for the restroom. After all he had sucked down a Corona and several bottles of water and you know what happens to older men and their bladders. (Women too). As soon as he was out of sight, the money cart came barreling down the aisle and got a little too close to Davinci and knocked his stool over. One of the workers on the money cart righted the stool and kept on going. Another man came along, and sat down at Davinci thinking it was not occupied, even though it had Navy Man’s card in the slot and a $3.00 balance on the machine. Marie sensed trouble or at least a “good story” and parked herself on another machine to view what would go down. Now up walks Navy Man and sees that his seat is taken along with the $3.00. He proceeds to accuse the man of stealing his hard earned $3.00 and righting his chair. He calls security. The innocent man tells him the chair was not propped and he didn’t know about Navy Man’s ownership of the machine. Somehow everything was worked out and Navy Man got his machine back. Later that evening Marie got back on Davinci and Navy Man sat next to her on Shadow of the Panther. He kept banging on that machine. Marie told him that banging on the machine would not make him win. He answered, “I’ll show you banging.” She proceeded to ignore him and he soon left. I had wandered off looking for a machine to be nice to me I found a machine I had never played before– a 5 Reel Gold Bar 7’s machine. I quickly hit $590.00



After losing some of that and hoping for more, I left in search of another good hit. It was not to be, but I was ahead for the first time this trip. I left Marie with her machine and went to bed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We slept in because the beds were just too good to leave. We had a quick breakfast in the cafe’ at the Horseshoe and on into the casino to play. Not wanting to give up too easy I went back to the Mississippi Stud poker table. Things were different this time. No four of a kind hands, but I had several flushes, straights, and a full house. I left the table ahead by $400 so I was pumped. Marie had gone back to Davinci and I went back to the Gold Bar slot machine hoping it would hit again for me. It didn’t happen.

In June, the Horseshoe had a weekly give-away. We decided to go get ours before they were all gone. That week was a Frigidaire chilled hors d’oeuvres tray and it was very nice for backyard barbeques. We decided to put them in our cars and go to Margaritaville and play for a while. We had free money to play and we needed to swipe our player’s cards to see if we had won $1,000,000. You can guess the outcome of that, but we decided to use my two free buffets while we were there. Margaritaville has great crab legs every night of the week and we ate our share.


While Marie was sitting at Kitty Glitter she saw an old man walk out of the Men’s restroom eating an ice cream cone. Now did he get someone to hold it (the cone) for him or was he highly skilled?

We headed back to the Horseshoe to play awhile. I stayed off the tables this time and found a machine I had never played before called Luck of the Lemur. I hit for $303.00 and played a while longer which is one of those things I need to learn how not to do, but still cashed out ahead.


That night Marie beat me to bed but not by much. The days in a casino pass really fast.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Harrahs Louisiana Downs was having a giveaway this day, so we headed over. They called their giveaway Lucky Gift Grab and it started at 2:00. Marie picked a baby donut maker and I got a cupcake maker. We may be broke when we leave but we at least got a start on our Christmas shopping. We played a while and then went to the restaurant at Harrah’s. With $30.00 in food credit, we each had a fried catfish dinner which was delicious and fresh tasting. But there is nothing better than Louisiana and Mississippi catfish. Marie had a good hit on Witches Riches and won over a hundred dollars.

We then decided to take a break from gambling and go shopping. In the southeastern states, there is a department store named Belk. If you haven’t been, you should. They have cute shoes, clothes for the whole family, designer brands, and home goods at reduced prices. We have several adventures coming up and needed a few things and we found them.

Then it was back to the Horeshoe to play. I played a Cash Wheel progressive slot. The jackpot was $4,695.00. It was giving me bonuses and I would have continued to play for the progressive, but I had a big distraction. To my left was another old man (not gentleman) playing a Line Fishing slot machine. I kept hearing a loud banging to my left and it was getting on my last nerve. I turned to look to see where the noise was coming from and the old guy was banging on the screen of his machine with his ring. He would push the button and hit the screen 3 or 4 times with his ring. I couldn’t take any more and asked a slot service person to ask him to stop, that he was damaging the screen. He said he couldn’t do that because the old guy would not be very nice if he asked him to stop. I guess the old coot heard the conversation because he gave me the bird. He continued to rap on his screen so I got up and moved over two rows. As I was playing a Lucky Dragon machine, I saw a woman sitting at the Cash Wheel machine where I had been sitting getting a hand pay. She won the progressive. I was glad for her but I blame the old guy.

We get a kick out of watching people in the casino. Everyone has a system. You will see people rubbing the screen and the sides of the machine like they are making love to them. Some talk sweetly to their machine, some curse at the machine, some stand and do a dance. There are the ones who pull their player’s card out for a while then put it back in. Some cash out and reinsert the ticket in the machine or put more cash back in, probably thinking they are tricking the machine into thinking they are a new player. And then there are those who slap the spin button as hard as they can, others that hit the button with their fists or whatever they have in their hand. Marie and I are calm Southern girls when playing the slots.

Friday, June 19, 20015

We were booked at the Eldorado Casino for the night. There are other casinos in Bossier city including Sam’s Town, Diamond Jacks, and Boomtown, but we wanted to play where we had luck before. We were booked at Eldorado this night because on June 20th the casino had sent me an offer for a free bottle of Crown Royal Reserve. Plus we had free buffets there and the Friday night seafood buffet is fabulous. Like most of the other casinos in Bossier, Eldorado is three floors. Because they are on the water, in order to have space they have to build up instead of out. We came in on the second floor and had to go down to the first to swipe our players’ cards in order to enter a drawing for $200 in gas money. I decided to go gack to the second floor and pushed the elevator button. The doors opened and there was another old man on a scooter with his back to the door. His backup alarm was beeping and he started out of the elevator in reverse. I was waiting patiently for him to get out and just as soon as his feet cleared the opening the doors began to close, he turned and paused. I couldn’t get past him to hold the doors so I had to push the button again and wait for it to come back. What is it with these old men? Maybe there was pattern here or maybe it was every man for themselves.

I went in search of a machine that would be kind. Instead I got distracted by the tables and managed to win enough on Ultimate Texas Holdem to give me some playing money for Eldorado. At least no old men were mean to me.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I had to wait to pick up my Crown until noon. Afterwards, we were both ready to head for home. Sometimes it seems like gambling is hard work and I felt like I had been breaking up rocks on a chain gang – a chain gang of old men.

Our next trip will be June 14-17. Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi sent us airfare for this week and a hotel room. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

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