“What’s that smell?”

Dianne thought it best if I (Marie) would update everyone on the Monopoly game.  After opening over 17,000 tickets, we did not find any matches above  fifty dollars.  However, we did find several matches that eventually added up to $180.00 in Albertson’s Gift Cards, $40.00 in cash, a $25.00 JC Penney gift card and a $25.00 Visa Gift Card.


What we did win was at least 1250 free items.  Items included: vegetables, salad, fruit, hummus, potato salad, macaroni salad, French bread, candy, cokes, canned vegetables, yogurt, cheese, half and half, sour cream, cream cheese, cleaning products, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, tissue, salt, flour, seasoning mixes, chips, popcorn, pizza, waffles, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, cookies, chips and crackers.  Oh and at least 300 free donuts or bagels.

Monopoly 2017 free coupons and free tickets

During the game we received instantly or on the on-line game, 1300 instant win tickets for more Monopoly tickets.  So you can see it is hard to stop collecting.  We wanted to save those toward the end of the game and trade them in for more tickets.  In the past we have traveled all across the Southwest to play the game but this year we stayed in Texas and Louisiana.  As many as we have received from Louisiana, we can say that they are definitely not the recipients of many winning tickets.

So Dianne and I went to a local Albertsons in my area and shopped for these free items.



We did break the register at Albertsons as the coupons were being redeemed.  As they were trying to fix the register, Dianne and several sackers took the groceries to the car.  The supervisor said that they were going to have to start all over with checking the groceries and only putting in 25 items at a time and totaling it.  So two checkers went out to the car and put the groceries in several carts and brought them back in.  We did get new frozen items and such since this took quite a while.

Even after this grocery run, I had several hundred more free coupons to redeem.  I was saving these for a local shelter in Arlington.  Mission Arlington hands out groceries to at least 200 people per day.  As you have probably read in previous blogs, we donated a lot ( and I mean a lot) of Ramen noodles, canned goods, peanut butter and other non perishable items for months to Mission Arlington.  It was fun to find the good deals at Albertson’s and get as much for our money as possible.  So at the end of this “venture” we donated most of these items to them.  We had 87 boxes of salt, 9 bags of flour, 25 buns, 40 boxes of pasta, dozens of donuts, crackers, French bread, pounds of potato salad, macaroni salad, hummus, sour cream and so much more.  It was so fun to see the staff open up my car and look inside the trunk, back seat and front seat every time I drove to their pantry door.  On my last run, I had 20, fresh out of the oven, loaves of French bread.  One staffer said, “What’s that smell?” as she opened my passenger side door.  It was the French bread filling my car with a wonderful aroma.  I told her that these had to be given out today.

So in conclusion, the game for us is over…. until next year.

One thought on ““What’s that smell?””

  1. Hi Marie and Dianne,
    I finally remembered to check out your Blog. It was so nice meeting you both on our first cruise! Marie, When that elevator door opened for us and we saw you in there we weren’t sure if you were laughing or crying. Always carrying our law enforcement background with us we quickly assessed the situation and realized that you were laughing and stuck not being able to turn around. Your laugh was contagious and we immediately starting laughing right along with you. You were like a pinball in a pinball machine and once we got you to stop pushing that button and sit idol we were able to get you turned around. However, not before that darn elevator door opened and everyone their waiting for the elevator was look at us like “what is going on?” LOL. We finally were able to get you turned around and headed out and we all escaped without a scratch. What a great memory we will always have of our cruise because of you. You and Dianne are such sweet ladies and we are so glad we got to know you and also shared some nice conversation in the casino with you on a few occasions after “our incident” on the Elevator. May God Bless you both in Health and Wealth in your future endeavors. Miss you Ladies!!! 🙂

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