This is Marie writing and I wanted to let our readers know how we are doing playing Albertsons’ Monopoly.  To date, through many loads of Ramen and canned vegetables donated to our local shelters and food banks, we have collected over 12,000 Monopoly tickets.

Out of those Monopoly tickets, we have won several grocery gift cards, some cash and few Mall gift cards.  However, we have collected over 1,000 free items from Albertsons and have yet to shop for them.  When we do shop, we usually spend the day filling up baskets full of groceries.  You would ask, “Do you really need all that?” The answer is NO.  We are not hoarders of food products like you see on TV shows.  You know the people that have to keep their cars outside on the driveway while their garage is set up like a grocery store.  We will probably donate most of these items to our local food banks.  This is a picture of our free product tickets.  Future blog reports will show more of the actual items.


We also have over 1,000 free Monopoly tickets to cash in for even more tickets.  The end of the contest for collecting tickets is May 9, and a few weeks after that to shop.  Dianne and I will be on a trip soon and cash the free tickets in on our way stopping at the grocery chains.  While I drive, Dianne will open the tickets.  We still do not have even the semi-rare tickets for the 3 big prizes.  By this time over the past years, we have collected everything but the rare tickets.  Hopefully by the time we travel, the Albertsons’ stores will be doubling or even tripling tickets and show pity on us by unloading tickets.  Maybe the best is yet to come. Until the next blog post………………….

Slotsisters, Dianne and Marie



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