Beach Baby, Beach Baby


One of the crazy things about the Slotsisters’ travels is that we keep gravitating toward Mississippi.  Louisiana is so much closer to where we live in Texas and Oklahoma is close to Marie, but Mississippi keeps pulling us in. And of course we love Las Vegas but we usually only make two or three trips there a year.  Right now we have a trip to Vegas scheduled in September.  We also have a cruise booked for the end of April and we are sailing out of Miami.  We have decided to drive so we could sightsee along the way and stop in Biloxi on the way to Florida as well as on the way back. Actually if you include Tunica, Mississippi has held a special place in our lives for years.  Marie had magnetic signs made for our cars so watch for us because you never can tell where we will show up.

So we loaded up and made our way to Biloxi.  We stopped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Albertson’s Monopoly tickets.  Then on to Hammond, Louisiana to Albertson’s and since our back seat was full of Ramen noodles, we needed to find a place to donate.  This is where the story gets really crazy.  We walked in to the Baton Rouge Albertsons and found the soup aisle.  Much to our surprise the Ramen noodle packages were on sale 5/$1.00.  The Albertsons’ ad had the Ramen with the bonus ticket on the ad.  There wasn’t a disclaimer in the store so we loaded up.  We bought 116 Ramen noodles but when we checked out, the ticket stated we would only receive 1 ticket.  We went to customer service and asked for the manager.  He came over and insisted the one ticket was all we were entitled to.  Nope, he wasn’t getting away with that.  He offered us a deal, he would give us 40 tickets.  Marie wouldn’t stand for that.  After much convincing, he told the checker to give Marie 116 tickets.  When the checker counted 83 tickets, the checker said that was enough.  People were watching this and it was very embarrassing.  I felt like I had shoplifted or something.  Then other customers started giving Marie their Monopoly tickets, either because they felt sorry for us or they didn’t play the game.  UHG.

Then we went on to Hammond, Louisiana.  We gave all our loot to the local food bank, Tangi Food Pantry.


Some food banks are really surprised that we as “out of towners” are eager to donate.  And back to Albertsons, it’s really hard not to imagine that we were being discriminated against, that Albertson’s corporate office knows what we are doing and for some unknown reason doesn’t like it.  Hard to believe when we are donating to the food banks and it’s not like we are winning much money.  I guess their computers are programmed to single out Ramen noodles, but “why” is the question I have.  So far we have opened 10,000 Monopoly tickets.  We are way behind this year from previous years.

We left Hammond and drove to Biloxi to Harrahs where we were staying three nights.  Even though the rooms at Harrahs are not our favorite, we wanted to have time to get a little cushion on our Diamond points.  The rooms are nice enough and the beds are fabulous.  We always sleep so good whether it’s Horseshoe, Harrahs, or any other Total Rewards property.  It’s just that the bathrooms are dark and it’s hard to see to put on makeup.  Plus here is a picture of the toilet in our bathroom.  It is huge.  I told Marie that you could almost stand outside in the hallway and use the bathroom.  Imagine what a man could do!!

After we checked in we went to the Diamond Lounge and had a drink and some hors d’oeuvres of chicken wings and antipasto.  That would fix us up for food for the rest of the day.  Drinks and food are complimentary with a Diamond membership, so we try to keep our points up.  Would hate to lose it. We played for awhile but quit early.  So tired from our long day.

The next day we had coffee and a sweet roll and decided to ride around town and get a good look at everything.  The beaches are so clean and the sand is so white.  There were sail boats in the water and jet skis to rent and lounge chairs and umbrellas.  We ate at a seafood restaurant called Pelican’s Wharf.  Marie had a shrimp po-boy and I had fish tacos.  It was all absolutely delicious.  Of course there is no picture of our food because we were so hungry and too stupid to take a picture of the lovely shrimp and fish.  UHG


You have to look pretty hard to find a Mexican food restaurant, but there are a few.  I don’t have much hope for them being very good, but we will probably try them out one day.  There are 16 Waffle Houses in the Gulfport/Biloxi area (not counting the ones in Diberville, Long Beach, Ocean Springs and a few other towns).  We have heard there are a few Italian restaurants, steak houses like Ruth Chris and Morton’s, but like Galveston, there are mostly seafood restaurants which is not a bad thing.

We both had free play at the Beau Rivage so we made our way there.  It expired on this day, but I would receive more the next day.  I just didn’t want any of it to slip away.  I had $125 each day to play on and didn’t want to leave any money on the table.  We ate at The Terrace Café in the Beau.  The food was delicious and dessert was amazing.  Marie had a deconstructed key lime pie and I had chocolate cake with the bottom layer cheesecake.


We played until about 6pm and drove back to Harrahs.  I love the Buffalo Grand at Harrahs, but they are so hard to get on.  I did get to play them, but didn’t win enough to talk about.  The same on Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.  I won $200 on Buffalo Gold and $250 on Top Dollar so it wasn’t a bad night.

The next day was of course Beau Rivage and next door to it is the Hard Rock.   We had never been there before but had heard good things about it.  It was very nice, lots of musical instruments and costumes to look at, nice restaurants, and new machines that we hadn’t seen anywhere else but Las Vegas.  We will definitely go back again.

Then it was back to Harrahs to get our stuff together so we could stay up until after midnight.  We had more free play coming then and we wanted to play it that night rather than the next morning so we could get an early start on the road.  I didn’t win anything much, just enough to stay alive.  Marie did well on her favorite machine, you guessed it, Davinci Diamonds.  At least one of us made some money.

The next morning we took off for home.  It is about an eight or nine hour drive and we had a few stops to make on the way.  Lake Charles has a Casa Ole’ that is the best one I have ever been to.  The lettuce and chips and tacos are very fresh and tasty. (Still no pictures.)   Women do not live on seafood alone.


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