It’s Monopoly Time Again


This is Marie writing today.  Dianne’s computer is acting crazy so I will try to make this entry interesting even though I do not hold the gift of sarcasm as well as Dianne does.

So most of you know by reading this blog, we are dedicated to winning something, whether at the casino or our yearly pilgrimage to as many Albertson stores as possible to play Albertson’s Monopoly game.  Dianne and I decided to head down to the Houston area where there are Randall grocery stores, a subsidiary of Albertson’s.  We happened to visit two stores, where we found the Ramen noodles to be 4/$1.00 and an Albertson Bonus ticket for each noodle package.  We put as many as they had on their shelves into our grocery cart.  Randall stores do not have the shelf space for flats of noodles as Albertson’s does, so we took them all.  The shelters would not get as many noodles this time!   As we checked out, the clerk handed us (one) ticket total for our effort.  We knew something was amiss.  So off to the Customer service area where we would plead our case.   The first store we visited had no problem with giving us the extra tickets at Customer service.  However, the second store was quite different.  After buying a large quantity of noodles and getting a few tickets we headed once again to Customer service.  The woman behind the counter was sure that the sign on the shelf meant only one ticket for as many noodles as one can buy.  I asked her if I could buy some Quaker Oats oatmeal in a quantity to test out her reasoning.  I bought 4 oatmeal boxes and received 5 tickets.  The extra ticket is complimentary for anyone buying anything at the store.  She then called the manager. He was foreign born and had a difficult time with understanding us.  Finally a light must have gone off in his head and he gave us the requested tickets.  It was somewhat embarrassing to be arguing about silly tickets and having people walk by giving us “judgy” looks but hey, we don’t live here.  We did receive a semi-rare or rare game piece from them and hopefully we will benefit from it during this contest.  But again, how many people were shorted game tickets during this month?  I can’t be everyone’s advocate, so you people out there playing the game, beware.

We could not see going to Houston without stopping in some of our favorite consignment shops.  The Guild Shop on Dunlavy Street is amazing.  The quality of merchandise reflects where the shop is located.  Near the River Oaks neighborhood, the shop is nestled among old streets lined with huge oak trees.  There is an outside shop as well with antique doors, garden furniture, and tables.  You must check it out.  Proceeds go to benefit Episcopalian charities.





We then headed back to Dianne’s house for the night.  We had planned to go to Naskila Casino in Livingston the next day,  because I had never been there and then go back to Dianne’s house that evening.  Dianne’s husband, Jim thought that backtracking the roads would be silly and that we needed to go on to the Horseshoe in Bossier City, Louisiana after that.  We had planned to go the day after Naskila anyway.  I called my slot host and he arranged an extra night for us so we got up early and drove an hour and a half to Livingston.  The parking lot was so crowded that I dropped Dianne at the door and proceeded to find someplace to park.  Having never been to Naskila I wondered if I would find Dianne in the casino.  Well there was no problem since it was about at big as my garage.  After an hour we were on the road again to Horseshoe.

We checked in to Horseshoe and the hotel had a promotion for the month of March.  It was a pair of pillows.  They are very soft pillows and remind me of the pillows in the room.  The next day the casino was giving away the first piece of luggage in a set.  It was comical to see the two packs of pillows, and two pieces of luggage fill up the back seat of my small car.  But we never pass up a freebie.



I guess I can say that no large jackpots were hit in this adventure but we were able to advance our tier credits to try to keep our Diamond club status for the next year.  Dianne did win a good hit on Buffalo.

We were able to eat for free, thanks to Dianne.  She was sent a $100  and a $50 food credit for the week.  Our first meal was at Binion’s Steakhouse where we had a wedge salad with blue cheese crumbles and a bowl of Crab bisque.  It was paired with a delicious bread basket and that was all we needed.



The next night we ate at Four Winds, an Asian Restaurant.  Dianne and I love Asian food so we had a little of everything.  First course was a combination platter with fried shrimp, crab Rangoon, eggroll, and Barbeque pork.  Dianne also had a cup of Wonton soup and I had Egg flower soup. Then Dianne ordered Kung Pao Shrimp and I ordered Cashew Chicken.  Both were delicious and we had so much to bring home.  Thank goodness Horseshoe rooms have refrigerators.  Dianne used her $100 food credit there and we had extra money so we decided to do something we had never done before.  It was legal so don’t jump to conclusions.   We ordered Sake.  They served it warm and it was horrible.  One sip and that was all it took.  Being frugal by nature, I tried to give it away to another table, but the waiter kept shaking his head.  Glad we didn’t pay for it.










Sorry, I guess we dove into our Kung Pao and Cashew chicken without taking pictures.

The last night we decided to go to the Diamond club and eat for free.  I had free buffets, but we would use that for Saturday morning breakfast.  The club was serving crab cakes, fajitas, fruit and cheese, chips and dips.  It was plenty and we were sitting at the bar hoping to get in on some good conversation.  Soon a woman and her daughter took a seat.  They were dressed immaculately and had beautiful smiles.  They were on a trip with some other 30 women from the Palestine, Tx area.  Some had traveled on a bus, while Jeanette and Margo had traveled together.  These ladies, and I mean elegant sweet ladies, were a joy to meet.

Jeanette, Rosemary, Margo, Lou

I hope to write again, keeping you informed on all our adventures.

Dianne and Marie, the original Slotsisters



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