April 14, 2015

On April 14, we headed finally home to Mansfield, Marie’s house.  We were exhausted from our driving trip as well as all the excitement and anticipation of the possibility of winning the Albertsons Monopoly Game.  After driving close to 3,000 miles, being away from husbands and pets for almost 3 weeks, collecting over 20,000 tickets on the road, split fingertips and calluses, we were finally home, but not done.

Marie continued to buy Ramen noodles, enter codes into the computer, exchange tickets at various Albertsons until May 19th.  During the last few days of the contest, Albertsons in the Fort Worth region began doubling, tripling and quintupling tickets because the rules stipulated that all tickets to be given out.


One store even gave her a box of 6,000 tickets, in exchange for 250 instant win tickets.



We got together and after a week of opening game tickets and examining them, we had won $365.00 in Albertsons gift cards, approximately $800 in free groceries… all from 42,000 tickets.


Most of those free products and all of the winning game symbols were won in the LAST 2 weeks of the contest.  Out of the 42,000 game tickets, there were thousands upon thousands of codes to enter, approximately 20,000 or more.  Marie entered all of them thinking surely a sampling from all 6 states, (we went to Louisiana also) would have at least a small on-line win.  But there was nothing.  I take that back, Redbox wins.  I have Netflix. I’m good.  Most codes show up as non-winners, Redbox wins, and a few coupons for $2 off of $20 worth of groceries, $5 off of $50 and $10 off of $100.  Not a game for people on a food budget.

I would think that traveling through 6 states and collecting 42,000 tickets during this game period and not winning more than a $50 winning symbol,

IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488

would make  Albertsons  rethink a better way to play the game.

What did we do with all those game tickets?


So the question is:  Will we do this again in 2016.  The answer is yes.

Next trip is a Carnival Cruise won by Dianne.  Not an Albertson vacation win.  Marie will accompany her to Belize, Honduras and Mexico.  Watch for another adventure coming soon.

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  1. Yall’s adventure was a fun read. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the next adventure. I can’t believe you didn’t win the million, Marie!!!

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