Curve Ball

Before I start, I want to apologize for taking so long to write another installment in our Slotsisters’ blog.  It has been crazy at my house.  My husband Jim succumbed to cancer July 31.  He had been sick for 3 years with colon cancer and often when a loved one is sick for that long, it’s in some ways a relief to know that their suffering is over.  He wanted to be cremated and said he did not want to be buried in the community cemetery.  We had a lovely Celebration of Life service, we played his favorite music (Queen, the Eagles, Richard Marx and others).  We ended with Hallelujah.  Jim’s friend and high school teacher Mitchell Bean spoke about their adventures on Jim’s Senior Trip and everyone was mesmerized.  Our grandson Tanner who is 13 years old stood up and spoke about how much his Pappy meant to him.  As most of you know, Biloxi, Mississippi holds a special place in my heart so it stands to reason that Biloxi would be a good place for the both of us to end up.  I purchased two side by side niches in a mausoleum at Southern Memorial on Beach Boulevard which faces the gulf and next door is the condo Marie and I bought.  So we will be able to watch the beach and keep an eye on our condo.

I tried my best to respect Jim’s wishes and I think I pulled it off.  He always loved music and concerts and because Queen was one of his all time favorite groups, I was able to surprise him for our anniversary with great seats to see Queen with Adam Lambert at the Toyota Center in Houston a couple of years ago.  I’m glad I was able to do that for him and yes, the concert was awesome.

Our 37 years of marriage were made up of lots of good times and some bad times.  Jim was a good husband and father to my two children from my first marriage.  They were four and six when we married and because their biological father was not interested in a relationship with them, Jim picked up the slack.  I think we all got a good deal with Jim.  My parents, children, sisters and brother-in-laws all thought a lot of him so this has been tough on all of us, but at least he is in a better place. He had a great sense of humor and always managed to entertain at family events.  He had a great love of animals, military collectibles, history, the community, his cattle and his family.  He is missed terribly.  I am attaching a photo of Jim and I and I promise I will try to be more regular in my posting.


It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

It’s funny how some periods of you life are calm, almost to the point of boring, and other times are utter chaos.  The months of August and July were a combination of both, good and bad.  We’ll start with the good first.

Marie and I left Iola on Saturday, August 12 and headed toward Biloxi.  We had reservations to spend that night in New Orleans at Harrah’s.  As usual we drove through MacDonald’s for breakfast and headed to Louisiana.  When we got to Scott, Louisiana we saw a sign for Billy’s Boudin and Cracklins.  We decided to stop and grab a snack.

The parking lot was full so we figured it must be pretty good.  Well, a little anyway.  The boudin balls were better than the cracklins.  The cracklins were seasoned well, but the fat was very chewy, almost had  a gummy texture.  Everyone else in the store was going crazy over them except us.  I love Cajun food and fried pork skins, but we were both unimpressed.

We made it to New Orleans, checked in and walked across the street to the casino.  I have always liked Harrah’s New Orleans even though the machines have always proven tight.  There are other casinos in New Orleans, but only Harrahs is downtown.  I would think that some good healthy competition would loosen those machines right up.  Marie stayed primarily on Hot Shot Revolution and made enough money to stay happy.


After we both won a little money, we grabbed a sandwich to go and took it to our room, ate and went to bed.

The next morning we left New Orleans for Biloxi, which is only 1-1/2 hours away.  We wanted to stop for beignets but Biloxi was calling our names.  We decided to go to a different casino that we hadn’t been to yet.  We had seen billboards for the Silver Slipper casino.  It was on Beach Blvd. at Bay St. Louis.  It had most of our favorite machines and Marie was the big winner.  She found a bank of Tower of Wonder machines and she did really well.  I played them too, but she won more than I did.  I did get free games a lot so I got to play for a long time and didn’t go broke.

I walked back to the Buffalo Grand and Lock n Link machines.  I won several hundred dollars on the Lock n Link. Next to the Buffalo Grand slots was the buffet line which snaked around and around and seemed to never get shorter.  We asked several people about the buffet and they all said it was the best buffet on the Gulf Coast. Because we needed to check in to Harrah’s, we didn’t stay too long.  We had reservations at Magnolia House at Harrah’s.  It’s a lovely restaurant with delicious food and excellent service.  We have been several times – once for brunch and twice for dinner.  Both times at dinner we had Melissa for our waitress and she was excellent and so was the meal.



We played after dinner for awhile, but I had no luck.  Marie did pretty well on Wonder Tower 4.

Then Marie filmed a 75 bonus win on the same machine the next day.



I tried my old favorites like Buffalo Grand and Tower of Wonder Tall Fortunes.  Not great on the tower, but I held my own on Buffalo Grand.



The next day we went back to Silver Slipper after stopping at a Mexican food restaurant that we had heard was very good.  Juan Tequila’s was technically a dive but their Chalupas were fresh and their chips and hot sauce were decent.  The corn tortilla was crispy fried and was not a pre packaged product.  If we need Tex-mex, we will go back there when we get tired of fresh shrimp.

When we got our Players Card at the Silver Slipper, they gave each of us a free buffet.  But the line was too long and we decided to wait for it to get shorter.  Before we knew it the buffet was closed and we were starving.  We stayed and played until midnight and tried to stop at Burger King or MacDonalds, but they had closed.  We finally found a Wendy’s open.  It’s not my favorite, but we both ate every bite.

The next day we checked into the Beau Rivage.  Because it was fairly early in the day I was able to get on Buffalo Grand.  The Beau has lots of junkets from all over the United States, so after they start arriving, the popular machines are taken and people don’t get up.  After I had lost what I thought was enough, I moved on to numerous other machines.  I tried everything and nothing to write home about.  We decided we were hungry and made our way to the Terrace Café.  Everything we have tried at the Terrace has been delicious.  This particular evening was no exception.  The special was fried pork chops which came with chops and a choice of sides.  We decided to share a dinner so we wouldn’t be so full.  It worked out perfectly, just enough.  I decided after dinner that I would try my hand at Ultimate Texas Holdem.  After I had lost $200 I knew I had to make a change.  I walked by the High Limit Room.  I knew they had a few $1.00 machines with a max bet of $9.00.  As I walked inside I saw a flurry of activity.  Bells were going off and slot attendants were running back and forth from player to cashier’s desk.  I was getting that warm and fuzzy feeling like I was home in my bed.  I found a $1.00 Double Diamond with a $9.00 max bet and hit $400.00.  I texted Marie this picture and she came right over.

We decided to play the new Marilyn Monroe slot named How To Marry a Millionaire.  We each put in $100 and played the max which was only $3.00.  We hit the bonus several times, but nothing big.  Marie got a little irritated when our money was gone.  She left and I thought she had gone to the room.  People were still hitting like crazy.  I moved over to a $5.00 Top Dollar slot.  I was being very irresponsible and was loving it.  I played the max which was $15.00.  I got the bonus several times and finally hit $600.00 and cashed out.  I texted Marie a picture and here she came.  So she hadn’t gone to bed and wasn’t ready to give up.  I then moved back to my Double Diamond 5-reel slot.  When I hit $800.00 I cashed out and we left for bed.  It was quite satisfying.  Can’t wait to get back.

The next day we were determined to make it to the Silver Slipper buffet.  It opened at 4:00 PM so we got there about 3:00 and took turns standing in line.  Finally we got to enter.  I let Marie go first and I held our table and purses.  She went for the salad bar and as a surprise she brought me back a plate of King Crab Legs.  OMG, they were so sweet and cooked perfectly.  The shells were not rubbery, they opened easily, the meat came out in solid chunks and they were spicy and delicious.  When I finished those, I went back for more.  And the reason for the long line?  They have crab legs and royal reds shrimp every evening on the buffet.

∈I had Asian food but they needed to go back to the drawing board on it.  I had a couple of fried shrimp, fried chicken and dessert.  Don’t even want to know what my cholesterol was after all this.  Marie played for a long time at the Wonder Tower and she did amazing.  This picture tells of her total wins for the night, cashing out at $1,404.84.   She couldn’t film because the machine was at the escalator and a security guard was there.  They frown on you filming, but if we can get away with it, we will.


She was able to film this small win on Wonder 4 Buffalo Deluxe.


We played for a while before going back to the Beau.  I immediately went to the High Limit slots.   There were very few people there and none of the scurrying about from the slot attendants.  I asked one of them why it wasn’t paying like the night before and she said it did earlier in the night.  I played on the Double Diamond again and did very good.

I went to bed around 11:00.  We were driving to Lake Charles the next day to spend the night at Lauberge hotel and casino.

We got to Lake Charles around 4:00 and checked in and hit the casino.  Nothing I tried worked, none of my old standbys  Finally I went to Lauberge’s High Limit room, but no luck there either.  As a last resort I saw a $1.00 Blazing 7’s. I liked the pay lines on it.  If you hit a Blazing 7 symbol anywhere on, above or below the middle pay line, it payed $1,000.  I finally got there and called it quits.  I called Marie and told her I was going to Asia restaurant and could I bring her back something.  She wanted chicken fried rice.  I ate my dinner and took her the fried rice and went upstairs to bed.

I was mentally and physically exhausted.  It had been a tough several months. For three years my husband Jim had been fighting metastatic colon cancer.  On July 31 he lost that battle.  And yes I was home with him, along with my daughter-in-law Ginger and Marie.  Jim had lost a lot of weight and wouldn’t eat or drink much.  The morning he died he ate two bites of a waffle and a few sips of ensure and that was pretty much it.  He told me and Ginger that he didn’t want a regular funeral, no one passing by his casket and looking at him.  He wanted to be cremated and he didn’t want to be put at Lake Grove Cemetery, a small community cemetery.  So, instead of a funeral, we had a celebration of life service.  We had Memorial Funeral Home of College Station play a list of songs which were performed by some of Jim’s favorite groups such as Queen, The Eagles, Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons, ELO, and Richard Marx.  Mitchell Beene of Iola performed the service and he was exceptional.  I have had more people tell me how much they enjoyed Mitchell and how beautiful the service was.  I truly believe Jim would have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  We had a table in the front of the chapel with a white cloth, gorgeous flower arrangements, potted plants, and good friends and family in the pews.  After the service the family went to Veritas in College Station for lunch and it was wonderful.  Veritas was one of Jim’s and my favorite restaurants.  Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, Mother’s and Father’s Days were always spent at Veritas.  I know in my heart he would have whole heartedly approved of the day.  One of our stops in Biloxi was to meet Peggy Roberts of Southern Memorial Cemetery to purchase two niches in a mausoleum for Jim and I.  We accomplished that and I am at peace because I know he would have approved.


The Big Reveal




It’s no secret that Marie and I love Biloxi, Mississippi.  It is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the south.  The white sandy beaches are clean and not overcrowded.  There are jet ski rentals, parasailing, wind surfing, sailing and lots of activities happening around town such as conventions and headliners performing at the casinos.  It is the “Las Vegas” of the south only with a beach.   On July 4 there is a massive fireworks display over the ocean; in October there is “Cruising the Coast” when thousands of vintage cars and hot rods converge on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a week of rock ‘n roll, entertainment, dances, cruising down Beach Blvd and swap meets.  In the spring Low Rider owners exhibit their cars down Beach Blvd for “Scraping the Coast”.  Mardi Gras is a huge deal, as well as the blessing of the shrimp boats, and all national holidays.  And if that isn’t enough, Biloxi has it’s own baseball team called the Shuckers and a beautiful stadium to play in.  And did I mention casinos?  There is a Trolley Hopper that takes you from one casino to the next without ever getting into your car.


A few months ago I received an e-mail from a realtor in Biloxi, Mississippi regarding a condo for sale.  Something made me take notice and I called my partner in crime and Marie was interested.  The more we thought about it, the more we talked about it.  And the more we talked about it, we soon were planning a trip to Biloxi to look at the property. In March of this year we made an appointment with our realtor Kristin Allen to look at the condo.  It wasn’t love at first sight.  The condo definitely needed a facelift.  The furniture was worn and sagging, the walls needed paint, the rugs would have to be replaced or cleaned, in other words, an overhaul.  But we could see potential.  Here are “before” photos of the unit.

Before – Guest Bedroom
Before – Master Bedroom
Before – Dining and Living Area


Before – Bar and Kitchen Area

Before-The living room rug.  It has to go.


The owners were from New York and I guess they very seldom came down to update or just check on their investment.  The condo, unit 502, is located in Ocean Club and is a beautiful 17 story building located on Beach Boulevard.  In fact, one only has to walk out of the parking lot, cross the street at the light and be on the beach.  The picture introducing this post is taken from our 5th floor balcony and you can see the street light at the crosswalk.  That is our building, The Ocean Club. So as you probably have guessed, we made an offer on the condo which was accepted and we closed the deal the middle of April.  Kessler Air Force Base is located in Biloxi and holds many training sessions for members of the military.  I guess rather than stay at one of the hotels, many rent a condo which feels a little more homey to them.  Some stay for a month or more and a hotel would be more expensive.  Plus some have their families visit.  Our condo was being rented by the military and  he would not be checking out until May 31.  So we put the condo on maintenance hold from June 1 through June 16 to make it pretty.  We had a group coming in on June 18 for five nights and we wanted to impress. And of course get the new pictures on the website for future business.  You can access on Not being able to get into the condo until June 1 gave us time to shop for furniture and to have the condo painted.  In our previous trip report we drove to Miami to get on the Carnival Vista to cruise.  On our way there we stopped in Houston at Rooms to Go to look at furniture and Home Goods for décor.  We didn’t buy any furniture at this time because we were staying in Biloxi both going and coming from Miami and our plan was to order the furniture we had picked at the Gulfport store, but to set up the delivery for June 8.  We made an appointment with Goodwill to pick up our old furniture on the morning of the 8th and the new furniture delivered in the afternoon.  With fingers crossed it worked perfectly. We also did a lot of internet shopping with Joss and Main, a sister company of Wayfair.  They have a lot of gorgeous furniture, but because we felt we needed to sit on a couch and chair before we bought them, we bought mostly living room furniture at Rooms to Go.  What I don’t get about Rooms to Go is that if you go into their showroom and place an order, they charge you a delivery charge.  If you go online and place an order, shipping is free.  At Joss and Main, shipping is free and lots of discounts are offered.  The drawback is that when your order is delivered, it is unassembled.  It’s just not a perfect world. We had light fixtures to buy, pictures to buy and knickknacks to buy.  We made lots of trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Goods, At Home, Pier One, Kirkland’s, and Hobby Lobby. Finally we had what we hoped was everything and we were ready to load up and go to Biloxi.  Marie and her husband Chuck drove to my house in his truck.  I had a garage full of boxes of furniture from Joss and Main to be assembled, but we thought it would be safer to leave them boxed up.  We had a dolly, tools, cleaning supplies, suitcases, snacks and breakfast and lunch food so we would only have to eat out once a day.

Truck Overload
No More Room In The Car

We were so lucky that Chuck is very handy and installed new light fixtures, assembled furniture, hung pictures, and made some minor repairs.  I don’t think he knew what he was in for when we said we wanted to take him to Biloxi, but I think all in all he had a good time.

Chuck Has His Hands Full

Below are “after” pictures of our condo.  We are very proud of our hard work.  Our plans are to rent it as much as possible and have it for our own use when we can.  Even when it is occupied, which we hope is often, we can always stay at one of the casinos.

– Entrance into Guest Bedroom. New Wall Color – Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams
Utility Room


After – Entrance to Master Bedroom
After – Lounging Area
After – Dining and Lounging Area
After – Sitting Area and Console for Movies, etc.
After – Guest Bedroom – Homage to Mardi Gras
After – Guest Bedroom with New Dresser
After – King Bed in Master Bedroom – Calming Neutral Colors
After – Dresser in Master Bedroom

Master bath
Guest bath
After – Balcony

One of the biggest obstacles we faced was that we had numerous offers for free play and gifts at Harrah’s, Beau Rivage, and Hard Rock.  Harrah’s gave us free play almost every day we were in Biloxi, the Beau Rivage gave us free play twice, and the Hard Rock gave us free play and gifts we had to pick up on three different days.  So while Chuck was working in the condo, we shopped for whatever we needed and went to the casino to pick up our free play or gift.  Then we would take Chuck out to dinner.  Once we took him to Magnolia House at Harrah’s for steak.  It was delicious and service was great.

Framed Magnolia’s at Harrah’s Biloxi Ms
Harrah’s Magnolia House Biloxi Ms.

Another evening we took him to Stalla at the Beau for Italian food.  Again great food and service.


Clams with Linquini at Stalla Beau Rivage Biloxi Ms


Dinner at Stalla Beau Rivage Biloxi Ms


Chocolate Crème Brulee at Stalla, Beau Rivage Biloxi Ms

Chuck doesn’t gamble but he is a good sport while we play.  In addition to restaurants at the casinos, we also took him to Shaggy’s for seafood, The Reef  for seafood, twice.  It was all really good.  The best was McElroy’s which Marie and I went to after Chuck went home.  The shrimp and fishing boats are docked outside the restaurant so I am assuming that is why it tasted so fresh. Marie and I and our sister Cheryl grew up in Pasadena, Texas, a suburb of Houston.  We were also about an hour away from Galveston so I think that is why the beach brings back such pleasant memories.  We would go to Kemah or Texas City to meet the shrimp boats and buy shrimp just out of the water.  We would bring them home, pop the heads off and our mother would freeze them for later.  Once in a while our dad would take us all out to eat seafood in Kemah.  It just seems natural that we were drawn to Biloxi.  And honestly, Biloxi has beautiful white sand instead of brown sand at Galveston, and Biloxi does not stink.  Down Beach Blvd, there are old southern mansions lining the street overlooking the gulf of Mexico.  Katrina hit here, but the people were dedicated to rebuilding the city and it definitely shows.

The beautiful White House Hotel.   The Visitor Center for Biloxi One of many Lighthouses Dead trees turned into art Just one of many Million $ Mansions.


Chuck had to leave after the first week so he could get ready for work on Monday.  So Marie and I had some alone time at the casinos.  We had new money to collect at the Beau and at Harrah’s.  I didn’t hit anything at the Beau and neither did Marie.  They had a computer crash issue earlier in the week and probably lost enough money that they tightened up the machines.  At Harrah’s I hit my fourth hand pay of the year for $1984.00 on the Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes machine.  Marie was playing Wonder 4 Tower and hit over $800.  So we had really good luck on this trip.

Look at Marie Go on Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes

Here’s some fun I had at Harrahs.






As we were driving around one day we saw a restaurant we had heard about called Salute.  It offered delicious Italian food.  I had fried pork loin and pasta and Marie had braised chicken medallions with a balsamic reduction and pasta.  It was all too good.  We did manage to remember to take pictures of the food.

Crusty French Bread with Spinach Basil Pesto
Pan Fried Pork Loin with Angel Hair Pasta
Braised Chicken Medallions with Balsamic Reduction

As I mentioned earlier, we did McElroy’s one night.  It was the best seafood of the trip.  The rest of the trip we ate less expensive.  We went to Whataburger (yes they have Whataburger), Steak and Shake, Chick Fil a, The Terrace Café at the Beau and snacks at the condo.  We both were getting tired of seafood and needed Mexican Food.  There are two Mexican restaurants recommended to us, but we ran out of time. We hope you enjoy seeing pictures of our condo.  Our next trip is in July.  Marie received two complimentary airline tickets to Laughlin and complimentary hotel so this trip will be her treat.  At the end of July my husband and I are taking our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandkids on a cruise out of Galveston for a summer vacation to Mexico.  I probably won’t write a trip report on the cruise since Marie won’t be there, but we will publish one on the trip to Laughlin.  Until then, watch for the Slotsisters.  We could be coming to a casino near you.

Ventures, Adventures, and Misadventures

Marie and I have so much to talk about that we have decided to split this last trip into several reports.  We were gone 18 days, not our longest trip in Slotsisters’ history, and our husbands were still home when we got back.  You will be amazed at how much we accomplished. So this is why we have decided to split it up.  Although we probably should make three reports and may still, I won’t know until I get a little further along.

We were headed to Florida to take a cruise on the Carnival Vista, the newest ship in the Carnival fleet.  We also were finishing up our Albertson’s Monopoly endeavor, playing at Biloxi casinos, seeing our sister in Destin, and another venture I will get to soon.

Albertson’s Monopoly 2017 Tickets
Monopoly 2017

Marie drove to my house on Sunday April 23 to pick me up. When we go to Lake Charles, Louisiana, we usually travel to Beaumont and then hit I-10 but Marie and I wanted to go through Houston this trip to shop a little bit, for what will be revealed later.  So off we went to Navasota to MacDonald’s for breakfast, 290 to Houston to shop, collect Monopoly tickets at some local Randall’s, then to Lake Charles to Casa Ole’ and collect more Monopoly tickets at Albertson’s which was tripling tickets, and lastly checking into the Lauberge Hotel and Casino. Marie went into Albertson’s and stood in a long line to redeem her instant win tickets for more tickets.  After watching so many people get triple tickets, she finally reached the cashier’s desk.  When she handed the cashier her tickets, the cashier’s eyes got real big because Marie handed her 250 tickets. (Each ticket stood for 2 game pieces).   She took out a piece of paper and did old school math.  Uh….  250 X 2 X 3 = 1500 tickets.  After about 5 minutes of math, she said she would have to get approval from the manager to give out so many tickets.  She came back within minutes with the manager and said she couldn’t give them to me.  She could give me 500 tickets.  The manager confirmed her story.   So Marie promptly informed him letting him know that everyone in front of her had received triple tickets and insisted he give her his name and that she would be writing a letter to corporate headquarters for discrimination.  Without batting an eye, the manager told the cashier to give her three sleeves of tickets.  Needless to say Marie felt terrible again, but it’s only a game.   Sometimes at the end of the game, the stores give 10 times the tickets.  By that time, we would be out of the country and so she wanted her fair share.

Finally we made it to Lauberge. So many stops in one day and it was time to relax, get a drink and try to win some money.  We love Lauberge because it has a lodge feel with a beautiful fireplace.  Only the elevators are so far from check in.


After checking in, it was down to the casino. I played video poker and slots and Marie played slots.  Neither one of us did very well, but we didn’t lose much.  Marie played Coyote Moon and won $190.00.  We needed our cash for the next part of our trip coming up.  We got up and drove towards Biloxi, stopping along the way to shop for our big reveal.  We were staying at Harrah’s on the way to Florida and at Beau Rivage on the way back to Texas.  We like to stay at Harrah’s because it’s more casual and they have a good selection of slots, plus $5 tables.  However we love to stay at the Beau because it has the southern charm, beautiful floral displays, great restaurants, nice shops, lots of new slots, walk-in showers, and unbelievably comfortable beds.  I hate to sound like a hotel snob like my friend Jill M. says she is, but the Beau is a lovely place to stay and play.  Plus we have always had complimentary rooms and you earn comps for food while you play.

Beau Rivage. Biloxi
Hydrangeas at Beau Rivage
Beau Rivage Fountain

Oh yeah, back to Harrah’s.  We had separate rooms this time.  Most of the time that we share a room, it’s because Marie wants to make sure I get up early, (or even get up) so we can get an early start.  After we checked in, we went to Harrah’s Diamond Lounge for drinks and a snack.  The snack turned out to be a meal of pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw.  After your gambling qualifies you as a Diamond member, you can go into the Diamond Lounge for complimentary food and drinks.  There are no slots in the Diamond Lounge, but personally I think it would be a good idea.

Next it was on to play.  I went to see if there was an unoccupied Buffalo Grand, but they were full.  So I went to my second choice which was Lightning Link.  I stayed even and had an enjoyable conversation with a nice lady from Illinois.  I enjoy meeting and visiting with people from everywhere.  Finally I was able to play on the Buffalo Grand.  I love this slot.  When it hits, it’s amazing.  Unfortunately… well, you know.  Bedtime and we were ready.

The next day we ate breakfast at Harrah’s Mix and Mingle café for which we had comps for.  It was very good.  We got the car from valet and took off for Destin, Florida.  We were spending two nights with our sister Cheryl and her husband Kerry at their lovely condo.

While we were traveling through Alabama, Marie got pulled over.  She wasn’t speeding so we thought maybe she might have a tail light out.  When the highway patrolman came to my window, he said he stopped her for Improper Lane Usage.  We had never heard of that, but it seems her right wheels touched the white stripes on the far right lane for a second.  We explained that we did not realize it and that we didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Then Marie pointed to a vehicle ahead of us who was straddling the white line and she asked “you mean like that guy?” He gave her a warning and a smile and down the road we all went. He was a nice guy and was curious too about our magnetic car door sign with our logo on it.  That was the second time she had ever been pulled over.  Alabama was looking for some money that day.  Marie still has never gotten a ticket.   In Destin that night, we had dinner at a restaurant called LuLu’s which is owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister. It wasn’t all that good.  I had gumbo which was very thin and fish tacos which were just okay.   After dinner, we went back to the condo.  Marie had lots of Monopoly tickets to enter into the computer.  So much to do.  My phone had been acting up for several days and this was when it cratered all together.  I couldn’t call home, take pictures, check my e-mail, nothing.  It’s an uncomfortable feeling, like I lost an appendage or forgot to put on a critical piece of clothing.  I went a good two weeks without a phone.

The next day was a take it easy day.  We slept in and had breakfast, watched television the rest of the day, and looked out of the huge floor to ceiling glass windows and doors facing the ocean that surround the lovely condo that Cheryl and Kerry have.   It was wonderful to not have to get in the car.  We ordered in pizza, had a wonderful visit and went to bed early.  The next day we were driving as far southeast as we could go because on Sunday we were getting on the Carnival Vista in Miami to cruise to Jamaica, Caymans, and Cozumel.  Again, I know, but it was another free cruise so we won’t complain.

On Friday we drove to Melbourne, Florida to spend the night.  We found a very nice Hilton for $109 per night which we split by sharing a room.  It was totally worth it.  We were on the Concierge floor and had complimentary drinks, dinner and breakfast the next morning.  Staying in Melbourne left us with a short trip to Miami where we were staying the night so we could get right on the ship.

We had reservations at Miami’s Intercontinental Hotel.  It was beautiful and huge and swarming with people.  I loved it.  It reminded me of a New York City high rise hotel.  So many people from so many different places speaking different languages.  We loved it.   We went downstairs to see what was happening.  The restaurant was empty and we didn’t want to be the only ones in there, so we went to the bar in the lobby and ordered some small plates of food to share.  First was guacamole with roasted corn and bacon with chips.  We have never had guacamole like that before, but it was delish.  Next we had shrimp fried rice and shrimp enbrochette.  It was all really good and just enough to fill us up until we got on the ship the next day.

The next morning we got downstairs, checked out, retrieved our car and luggage.  The porters and valet were very kind and attentive.  So nice to be catered to.  I tried to tip one guy and he wouldn’t accept it. We then drove to the cruise terminal which was really close, only about 5 minutes away.  We unloaded our luggage in front of the terminal  (some people refuse to turn their luggage loose and instead wag and pull their bags onboard, either afraid they’ll lose them or too cheap to tip the baggage guys) and drove into the parking garage.  We then took the elevator down to ground level and got in line to get checked in.  Here is a picture of the building next to the cruise terminal and a picture of Miami’s skyline.  Downtown Miami is a very clean and beautiful.


Check-in was a breeze.  Quickest and easiest ever – about thirty minutes from parking to boarding the ship.  I can’t believe I didn’t get any flack from Marie about this, but when I printed up my boarding pass, I somehow printed up hers and mine.  When I was making sure I had all of my documents, I saw a boarding pass, plus another boarding pass.  So without looking at it closely, I threw away what I thought was a second copy.  Of course when I got to the check in, I discovered I had kept Marie’s boarding pass and not mine.  No problem, though.  They checked me right in anyway.

We got in the special assistance line which is very fast and I needed wheelchair assistance.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and this blog is not about that, only happy thoughts, so other than making a reference about needing special assistance or a difficulty now and then, I will not be making too many comments about that.  I did rent an electric scooter though because the ship was larger than some we had been on.  Except for my lack of driving skills, it was much easier than walking for miles.

In no time we were on the ship and in the bar on deck 3.  It looked pretty much like all the other bars on deck 3 of the other Carnival ships.  Deck 3 is where you board and where the first bar is.  The Vista has been hyped as having a Cuban theme, but unfortunately there was no sign of it in the bar, nor on any of the other public areas of the ship.  I saw somewhere that some cabins have patios but we didn’t have one of those.

We weren’t cruising to Cuba unfortunately, just back to the same old places – Jamaica, Cayman, and Cozumel.  No special drinks with a Cuban theme, no spiffy old cars, no nothing.  Just like all the other ships, pretty but not Cuban.  There was a Guy Fieri Barbeque restaurant which was much like authentic Texas style barbeque and pretty good.  There was the usual Guy’s Burger Joint, a steakhouse, an Asian restaurant, a new Seafood Shack which smelled awful so we didn’t try it, the buffet and the dining rooms, the Pizzaria and of course room service. There is plenty to eat and drink so if you go hungry, it’s your own fault.

Here are some pictures Marie took right before we sailed from the top deck.

We loved our cabin.  We had stayed in one before like it on another ship.  We had one and a half bathrooms, two single beds that were quite comfortable,  plenty of closet space and an ocean view.  It was perfect, close to the casino, bars and restaurants. I always think of the lower decks as steerage, but not so.  I have always heard that on the lower decks you could feel the movement of the ocean more, but not so.  Just take your Dramamine and you’ll be fine. After unpacking we sucked it up and went to Muster.  There simply isn’t any way out of it.  You have to be present and accounted for or the ship will not sail.  It doesn’t last long, the restaurants are closed during, and the casino doesn’t open until about thirty minutes after sailing, so don’t hold up the ship because nobody is going anywhere until everyone has been to muster, even if only one person is a no show.

After muster we made our way to the casino to wait.  We ordered a drink and soon the casino was up and running.  We hadn’t played long before Valentina, one of the casino hostesses brought us our free drink cards.  We are so close to the next level of casino play which is platinum that I guess she knew we would qualify for free drinks in the casino anyway.  It usually takes 1500 points to get free drinks, but we haven’t had to wait in a long time.  Finally it was time to play.  I spotted a Tower Stack Lion slot like I had played in Las Vegas at the MGM.  I hit several bonuses and I cashed out $380 and went on to Quick Hits and had no luck.  There were jackpots hitting everywhere, but not for me.  I went to find Marie and see if she was having better luck.  She had found a home on the Wonder Tower of Four machines and having a blast.  All week she and the same people played the group of six machines.  They were all doing well, especially one gentleman who kept getting hand pays.  Marie had one which wasn’t exactly a hand pay, but they did give her a voucher for $854 because her machine had $600 credits on it when she hit the $854 which pushed her up over $1400.  I don’t know why they didn’t just let her play on it, but since it was over $1200, which anything over that in one hit requires a hand pay, they vouchered $854 and left her with $600 to play on.  She just went to the cashier and cashed in the voucher instead of bringing the money to her.   I don’t pretend to understand it, but whatever.

We got hungry and went to the Pizza Pirate on the Lido deck and ate and went to the room.  The ocean was smooth and we wanted a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow was another day.

The next day was a sea day and I was sleeping in but Marie was up and at it earlier than I was.  We were both exhausted from all the driving.  It is a long way from Destin to Miami, from the Florida panhandle to the Atlantic Ocean and almost from the very top to the very bottom of Florida.  About like driving across Texas.  I know she was tired from driving.  I was just sitting and opening tickets.  Still we were both tired.  Never mind that.  We ordered room service for coffee and a BLT and soon I was ready to explore the pseudo Cuban vibe via the casino.  I didn’t have much luck this full first day on the ship.  Marie was still on Tower of Wonder and having a blast.  I decided to go to the poker tables.  I played Let It Ride and Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Holdem.  It was terrible.  Were there no pairs in the deck?  Where were the face cards?  I hadn’t seen such bad hands in forever.  I should have tried roulette or blackjack.

We were hungry but didn’t want to go to the dining room. This was a dress up night and neither one of us wanted to go through the hassle.  We went up to the buffet instead and I had the best prime rib ever.  Salads and vegetables were good and they had a really good key lime cake.  We had decided before we got on board that we were going to avoid the dining room as much as we could.  The menu is always the same, Carnival food never changes and it always tastes exactly like it did on the previous cruise and it’s not as good as it was years ago when we first started cruising.

On our way back down in the elevator to the casino, I drove my scooter in head first.  I didn’t like that because I wanted to be heading out when we got to the Deck 5 where the casino was.  So since Marie and I were the only ones on the elevator, I proceeded to turn around.  Big mistake.  When I got to number 5 of my 5-point turn, the door opened and two ladies from New York, Sherri and Leslie, tried to get on. These ladies turned out to be correctional officers.   Marie and I were laughing so hard we thought we might pass out because it was a ridiculous mess with backing up and turning and going forward.  I ended getting my scooter wedged between the elevator doors right on the track.  Well, by then Sherri and Leslie who bravely hung in with us, were laughing as hard as we were.  I couldn’t move so I got off and Marie and Sherri and Leslie picked up the front end of the scooter and headed it out the door.  In all the mayhem, no one remembered to take a picture, but here is a picture of Sherri and Leslie.

Marie did video me trying to park the scooter in our room.

I sat down at a Lock n Link machine which was really fun.  It was a lot like Lightning Link.  When I sat down there was $1.10 showing on the credit meter.  There was no one around and I waited for several minutes before I put any money in and no one showed up.  After I had started to play, a woman and a casino attendant came over to me and the woman was explaining that she had left money in the machine and that I was playing on it.  I couldn’t hear how much she said she had in it, but the attendant must have told her she should have been playing with her card so that there would be a record of it.  I never saw her again.

The next day was an in-port day and I don’t know if we were in Jamaica or Cayman.  We did not get off the boat.  It was a 3-R day – Relaxing, Reading, and Room Service.  We went to the casino that evening and Marie at least video’d a win she had on the Wonder 4 Tower.

Our Casino Hostess Katherine offered us a complimentary dinner at JiJi’s Asian restaurant for the next evening.  Yes!

The next day was an in-port day again and we actually made use of our time on the ship.  We went up to the Serenity Deck and spent the day reading and relaxing and no makeup. Yay!

We met another nice couple in the casino that night.  It’s mostly familiar faces in the casino every day and we kept running into Vinny and Kathy from Queens, New York.  I asked them if Vinny was a popular name in New York.  They laughed and said it was.

We were excited to eat dinner at JiJi’s.  We had a complimentary bottle of wine and we ordered Chicken Pot Stickers, Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, and Kung Pao Chicken.  It was all excellent.  We then ordered Crème Brulee  and crepes for dessert.  The portions weren’t huge and we managed to eat it all. We didn’t have one single complaint.  Why no pictures?  Too busy eating.  A few weeks ago on Shark Tank, a couple featured on the show had a business of making chopstick rests for Asian restaurants.  It was amazing that JiJi’s had them on the tables.

We always stick our sign on our cabin door.  One lady named Maria said she and her husband were staying down the hall from us and that they had discussed changing the “o” in Slotsisters to a “u”.  But they didn’t.  Crazy Maria.

The next day was Cozumel and you know what that means.  Pancho’s Back Yard and Margaritas.  So good.  A little shopping and back to the ship.   This is a view of the ship through the outdoor garden and eating area of Pancho’s.


This was a Carnival Live Cruise and Jay Leno was performing on the ship tonight and we had tickets.  Jay was a riot and put on a really good show.  His monologue lasted about an hour and a half and we had really good seats.

The next day was an at sea day and we spent the day playing with our new friends.  Marie was on her Tower of 4 Wonder with the same people and I was flitting around.  I played Lightning Link, Tower Stack Lion, Quick Hit, Quick Hit Rising Riches, Triple Double Diamond, Buffalo Gold, Lock and Link (which was like Lightning Link), Video Poker, etc.  I never hit much, but when I hit something, it wasn’t enough to bring me back up to even.  Marie found some Chinese themed machines and did well on them.  She was playing $1.76 which is unusual. She cashed out at $699.64.



The next day we were leaving and heading back to Destin and we wanted to make it in one day.  Yes, we won two more free cruises, but that is another story for another day.   We did make it to Destin and spent the night with Cheryl and Kerry. We left the next morning for Biloxi for three nights at the Beau.

We had a lovely room with a fabulous view of the pool and Gulf of Mexico.

View of Pool and Gulf from our room at the Beau
Flowers at the Beau
More Hydrangeas at the Beau

We found out when we checked in at the Beau Rivage that Biloxi was hosting the 2017 National Veterans Golden Age Games and many of the veterans were staying at the Beau.  Also, the day we checked in was the 43rd anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War.  There were so many veterans there and we took this picture of two really great guys.

Golden Age Veterans Games 2017

My first day at the Beau I hit a hand pay on a Quick Hit, my first ever at the Beau, for $1600.  It was really fun.  On our second day at the Beau we drove to Hammond Louisiana to redeem our Monopoly tickets for more free tickets.  Since it was the day before the end of the game, the store couldn’t multiply our tickets because they were down to a small box.  By then we really didn’t care enough to complain.  Plus it was worth going into the store to see the cashier’s long fingernails. They were at least five inches long from cuticle to end and they were starting a spiral curl.  Howard Hughes had nothing on her.   On the third day I hit a second hand pay for $1800 on Buffalo Grand. Twice the fun.  I can’t wait to go back.  Maybe my phone will work for when I hit a hand pay again.  We had dinner that night at Prime Steakhouse.  I know I’ve talked about it before, but it is amazing.  I want to go back soon.

We left on day four and drove back to Texas.  It was a great trip and we were ready to go home to our husbands and cats.  The next trip report will be called “The Big Reveal”.  Check it out.  I will try to get it out as quick as I can.  Lots to report.




This is Marie writing and I wanted to let our readers know how we are doing playing Albertsons’ Monopoly.  To date, through many loads of Ramen and canned vegetables donated to our local shelters and food banks, we have collected over 12,000 Monopoly tickets.

Out of those Monopoly tickets, we have won several grocery gift cards, some cash and few Mall gift cards.  However, we have collected over 1,000 free items from Albertsons and have yet to shop for them.  When we do shop, we usually spend the day filling up baskets full of groceries.  You would ask, “Do you really need all that?” The answer is NO.  We are not hoarders of food products like you see on TV shows.  You know the people that have to keep their cars outside on the driveway while their garage is set up like a grocery store.  We will probably donate most of these items to our local food banks.  This is a picture of our free product tickets.  Future blog reports will show more of the actual items.


We also have over 1,000 free Monopoly tickets to cash in for even more tickets.  The end of the contest for collecting tickets is May 9, and a few weeks after that to shop.  Dianne and I will be on a trip soon and cash the free tickets in on our way stopping at the grocery chains.  While I drive, Dianne will open the tickets.  We still do not have even the semi-rare tickets for the 3 big prizes.  By this time over the past years, we have collected everything but the rare tickets.  Hopefully by the time we travel, the Albertsons’ stores will be doubling or even tripling tickets and show pity on us by unloading tickets.  Maybe the best is yet to come. Until the next blog post………………….

Slotsisters, Dianne and Marie



Beach Baby, Beach Baby


One of the crazy things about the Slotsisters’ travels is that we keep gravitating toward Mississippi.  Louisiana is so much closer to where we live in Texas and Oklahoma is close to Marie, but Mississippi keeps pulling us in. And of course we love Las Vegas but we usually only make two or three trips there a year.  Right now we have a trip to Vegas scheduled in September.  We also have a cruise booked for the end of April and we are sailing out of Miami.  We have decided to drive so we could sightsee along the way and stop in Biloxi on the way to Florida as well as on the way back. Actually if you include Tunica, Mississippi has held a special place in our lives for years.  Marie had magnetic signs made for our cars so watch for us because you never can tell where we will show up.

So we loaded up and made our way to Biloxi.  We stopped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Albertson’s Monopoly tickets.  Then on to Hammond, Louisiana to Albertson’s and since our back seat was full of Ramen noodles, we needed to find a place to donate.  This is where the story gets really crazy.  We walked in to the Baton Rouge Albertsons and found the soup aisle.  Much to our surprise the Ramen noodle packages were on sale 5/$1.00.  The Albertsons’ ad had the Ramen with the bonus ticket on the ad.  There wasn’t a disclaimer in the store so we loaded up.  We bought 116 Ramen noodles but when we checked out, the ticket stated we would only receive 1 ticket.  We went to customer service and asked for the manager.  He came over and insisted the one ticket was all we were entitled to.  Nope, he wasn’t getting away with that.  He offered us a deal, he would give us 40 tickets.  Marie wouldn’t stand for that.  After much convincing, he told the checker to give Marie 116 tickets.  When the checker counted 83 tickets, the checker said that was enough.  People were watching this and it was very embarrassing.  I felt like I had shoplifted or something.  Then other customers started giving Marie their Monopoly tickets, either because they felt sorry for us or they didn’t play the game.  UHG.

Then we went on to Hammond, Louisiana.  We gave all our loot to the local food bank, Tangi Food Pantry.


Some food banks are really surprised that we as “out of towners” are eager to donate.  And back to Albertsons, it’s really hard not to imagine that we were being discriminated against, that Albertson’s corporate office knows what we are doing and for some unknown reason doesn’t like it.  Hard to believe when we are donating to the food banks and it’s not like we are winning much money.  I guess their computers are programmed to single out Ramen noodles, but “why” is the question I have.  So far we have opened 10,000 Monopoly tickets.  We are way behind this year from previous years.

We left Hammond and drove to Biloxi to Harrahs where we were staying three nights.  Even though the rooms at Harrahs are not our favorite, we wanted to have time to get a little cushion on our Diamond points.  The rooms are nice enough and the beds are fabulous.  We always sleep so good whether it’s Horseshoe, Harrahs, or any other Total Rewards property.  It’s just that the bathrooms are dark and it’s hard to see to put on makeup.  Plus here is a picture of the toilet in our bathroom.  It is huge.  I told Marie that you could almost stand outside in the hallway and use the bathroom.  Imagine what a man could do!!

After we checked in we went to the Diamond Lounge and had a drink and some hors d’oeuvres of chicken wings and antipasto.  That would fix us up for food for the rest of the day.  Drinks and food are complimentary with a Diamond membership, so we try to keep our points up.  Would hate to lose it. We played for awhile but quit early.  So tired from our long day.

The next day we had coffee and a sweet roll and decided to ride around town and get a good look at everything.  The beaches are so clean and the sand is so white.  There were sail boats in the water and jet skis to rent and lounge chairs and umbrellas.  We ate at a seafood restaurant called Pelican’s Wharf.  Marie had a shrimp po-boy and I had fish tacos.  It was all absolutely delicious.  Of course there is no picture of our food because we were so hungry and too stupid to take a picture of the lovely shrimp and fish.  UHG


You have to look pretty hard to find a Mexican food restaurant, but there are a few.  I don’t have much hope for them being very good, but we will probably try them out one day.  There are 16 Waffle Houses in the Gulfport/Biloxi area (not counting the ones in Diberville, Long Beach, Ocean Springs and a few other towns).  We have heard there are a few Italian restaurants, steak houses like Ruth Chris and Morton’s, but like Galveston, there are mostly seafood restaurants which is not a bad thing.

We both had free play at the Beau Rivage so we made our way there.  It expired on this day, but I would receive more the next day.  I just didn’t want any of it to slip away.  I had $125 each day to play on and didn’t want to leave any money on the table.  We ate at The Terrace Café in the Beau.  The food was delicious and dessert was amazing.  Marie had a deconstructed key lime pie and I had chocolate cake with the bottom layer cheesecake.


We played until about 6pm and drove back to Harrahs.  I love the Buffalo Grand at Harrahs, but they are so hard to get on.  I did get to play them, but didn’t win enough to talk about.  The same on Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.  I won $200 on Buffalo Gold and $250 on Top Dollar so it wasn’t a bad night.

The next day was of course Beau Rivage and next door to it is the Hard Rock.   We had never been there before but had heard good things about it.  It was very nice, lots of musical instruments and costumes to look at, nice restaurants, and new machines that we hadn’t seen anywhere else but Las Vegas.  We will definitely go back again.

Then it was back to Harrahs to get our stuff together so we could stay up until after midnight.  We had more free play coming then and we wanted to play it that night rather than the next morning so we could get an early start on the road.  I didn’t win anything much, just enough to stay alive.  Marie did well on her favorite machine, you guessed it, Davinci Diamonds.  At least one of us made some money.

The next morning we took off for home.  It is about an eight or nine hour drive and we had a few stops to make on the way.  Lake Charles has a Casa Ole’ that is the best one I have ever been to.  The lettuce and chips and tacos are very fresh and tasty. (Still no pictures.)   Women do not live on seafood alone.


Traveling Back In Time

Connecting with old friends is one of life’s most important experiences.  You never forget how much you enjoy their company and all of the fun and crazy moments you had together.  It all just gets shoved to the back burner sometimes, especially when you and your friends don’t live close to each other.  Phil and Marcia Alexander are old friends from another era when Phil and I worked in sales for the same company.  My husband and I first met them in 1973 in Palm Springs, California where we were attending a sales trip.  One evening there was a themed party for the salesperson and guest and that evening had a Sadie Hawkins theme.  I don’t know where Phil got the idea for his outfit, but it fit him and his personality perfectly.  Phil is a 6’5″ tall hulk of a man, probably 350 pounds at that time, more commonly thought of as an Arkansas Mountain Man.  And there he was in a pair of overalls, no shoes, a red bandana in his back pocket, and a dip of snuff in his bottom lip.  He quickly informed us that he had on no underwear.  Rather than check for ourselves, Marcia confirmed his lack of undergarments.  Only Phil would do this, but from that moment on, he kept us in stitches.

We have kept in touch with Phil and Marcia over the years and gotten together every chance we could.  Mostly our relationship is gambling.  When we first met them, they lived in Memphis, which anyone who has been there knows Memphis is just a few miles North of Tunica, Mississippi and knows Tunica is the gambling capital of Mississippi.  Well, Tunica and Biloxi.  So it only stands to reason that the first opportunity we got we made our way to Tunica.  It is a nine hour drive and we could probably make the drive in our sleep for the number of times we have been down that road.  So when the Gold Strike Casino and Resort in Tunica sent me an offer for three complimentary nights and $540 in free play, plus I would get to see the Alexanders, how could I not?

My husband Jim wanted to go on the trip, but he was not comfortable with leaving our elderly cat Missy.  Plus at this point in our lives, I think he loves Monkey, our black cat whom he bottle fed for the first 6 weeks of his life, probably more than he loves me.  Marie was not able to go either, so being the big girl, I bought myself a plane ticket and left the driving, ‘er flying to the pilot. One hour and twenty minutes after take-off, I spotted Marcia in the passenger pick-up lane.  Yeah!  On our way to seek our fame and fortune.

We got checked in to the Gold Strike.  Marcia had her own room and Phil was staying home except for coming over to the casino for dinner three times.  It wasn’t often Marcia and I got to have our adventure without the guys.  Plus having our own rooms was a luxury.  And since it was already 2:00 and the buffet would open at 5:00 we decided to play first and eat later.

I went in search of the Hot Shot Slot Machines, but I couldn’t find any.  I asked a floor attendant and she confirmed they had been removed.  Next I hit the Buffalo Grand Slots which I also love, well that and the Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Stampede, not to mention all the other slots in the casino.  I had a few small hits, but nothing big the first day.  When dinnertime rolled around, I thought it was a good idea to go ahead and eat and get a new start after dinner.

The Gold Strike Buffet is pretty good.  I don’t think there is enough variety and the quality is not bad, just not great.  But it was one way not to overeat.  Plus we were able to get back out there in the trenches quicker.  Not that it did much good.  It was Monday and typically weekdays especially in the beginning of the week are pretty slow.  We stayed up until 12:00 p.m. just because we thought we were supposed to.  Marcia actually did fairly well on the Lightning Link Slot which is also one of my favorites.  But I didn’t have much luck on anything.

On Tuesday I slept until about 11:00 and Marcia worked on her computer until I was ready to go down .  Our rooms had a coffee pot and Marie had sent me with blueberry breakfast pastries so I had one before I went downstairs at about 1:00.  When I went down I had several Bloody Mary’s with extra olives and I was good until dinner.  We decided to play next door at the Horseshoe.  I needed to work on my Total Reward points so we played at the Horseshoe until dinner where Marcia had two free buffets.  Phil wasn’t coming to the casino until Wednesday so we had dinner without him.  The food was good as it always was with a good variety of Asian, Italian, country cooking, and barbeque.

After dinner we went back next door to play until bedtime.  Marcia played Lightning Link and recouped some of her losses.  The problem with the Lightning machines at Gold Strike and Horseshoe is that each casino has only four machines.  So they are really hard to get on, but to be honest at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi there are eight or ten, and they are hard to get on.  Plus I really miss the Hot Shots.  The Horseshoe did not have them either but they used to have them.  I hope it’s not a sign of things to come at other casinos.  Marie has noticed that there are less Davinci Diamonds machines in the casinos.  So when Marie gave me $100 to play for her I was torn where to go with it, especially when my luck wasn’t looking too good.  No Hot Shots and no Davinci Diamonds so I decided to play something new to me.  I saw a Snow Leopard and gave it a try.  I turned out to be a good choice since I turned her $100 into $191.

On day 3 we thought it might be a good idea to get away for awhile.  We decided to try Fitzgeralds because it was 50+ day and when you earn 10 points you get to spin the wheel for cash and prizes.  But we had trouble getting too excited about it since the highest prize was $25 or you could win a free buffet so it was no surprise that the buffet was just what we won.  Phil wasn’t coming over that night to eat so we cashed in our big wheel win and ate the buffet.

Back to the Gold Strike to try again.  I always say you can’t catch a fish if you’re hungry because the fish can hear your stomach growling.  I was hoping it was the same idea at the casino.  I decided to try my luck at the Mississippi Stud Poker table.  I love that game along with Ultimate Texas Hold’em.  I should have tried it instead since I had no luck on Mississippi Stud.

I quit while I still had some money to play the slots on.  I played Lightning Link and hit a little bit and lost a little bit.  I went to Luck of The Irish and hit $250 and moved to Buffalo Stampede.  I hit the bonus and retriggered several times.  I didn’t hit much, in fact I didn’t hit more than I put in.  I played a Quick Hit Rising Riches and got some bonuses, but I didn’t win as much as the guy next to me who had over $900 when I got up to move.  I found Marcia and we decided to go to bed at 9:00 and thank goodness it was 8:55.

I hate to sound negative, but I really was not having enough good luck to talk about.  The best part of the trip so far was spending time with my friends.  I didn’t expect that to change, but I was hoping to add some other elements to the trip.

On Day 4, we checked out of the Gold Strike in order to take advantage of my free room at the Horseshoe.  Plus I had only made a quick pass in the casino and hadn’t earned many points.  I had a talk with myself that morning and decided to play smarter and I was hoping I could stick to it.  I went in search of machines I had played over the years at the Horseshoe Tunica.  It has always been one of my favorite casinos.  I saw a round bank of $.50 Triple Cash machines.  I have always loved these particular machines at the Shoe.  I usually hit something decent on them and usually they are very popular and are hitting good.  I was playing the max bet of $1.50 and hit three blue 7’s for $150.00.  Now comes the part where I stick to my guns and I did.

I found Marcia on Lightning Link so I sat down next to her.  Since it was early in the day we were able to get two of the four machines.  We both hit bonuses numerous times but they were so far between that we couldn’t ever get ahead.  At least there were more people on day 4 in the casino than on the other days.  It makes you hopeful because you think surely there is a win somewhere in the casino if it’s crowded.  It wasn’t really crowded, but it was better.  We played until about 5 when we walked back to the Gold Strike for dinner at the Chicago Steakhouse.  I took a couple of pictures – one of the three of us at the table and one of the bread the waiter brought to the table.  We were so hungry that we dove into the bread and butter and I forgot to take pictures after that.  Phil had bone-in ribeye, Marcia had the sea bass and I had halibut.  We all had crème brulee for dessert.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

It was all really good, but I was really looking forward to the next night when we would have the seafood buffet at the Shoe.  I love me some crab legs.  I had been looking forward to it since I made my flight reservation.  On Friday afternoon Phil met us at the seafood buffet at the Horseshoe.  There were raw oysters, boiled shrimp, spicy broiled shrimp, fried catfish, crab legs, crab claws, mussels, plus the usual of prime rib, barbeque, fried chicken, pizza, pasta, Asian food, salads, sides, and desserts including the best bread pudding in the world.  And you guessed it – no pictures.  When I am at the casino I don’t usually eat breakfast or lunch, so by the time I get to eat I am too hungry to even think about pictures.  I just want to get after it.

I could only get one night at the Horseshoe because they were having a concert and a slot tournament and were booked.  I moved over to the Tunica Roadhouse which was just next door on the opposite side of the Horseshoe from the Gold Strike.  I had never stayed there before, but it was pretty nice.  With upscale furnishings, a great mattress, and in-room Jacuzzi tub, I would definitely recommend it, even though the Jacuzzi tub is not my thing.

The next morning Phil and Marcia picked me up and dropped me at the airport.  All good things must end and even though we had a great time together, I was ready to get home and see my husband and Monkey and Missy.  I did get that in the right order, didn’t I?

I must apologize for the lack of pictures.  I had computer problems last month and now I am having cell phone problems.  I hope to get this resolved before the next trip report.  Hope you are entertained in spite of my technology problems.

Until next time, the Slotsisters are coming to a casino near you soon.





It’s Monopoly Time Again


This is Marie writing today.  Dianne’s computer is acting crazy so I will try to make this entry interesting even though I do not hold the gift of sarcasm as well as Dianne does.

So most of you know by reading this blog, we are dedicated to winning something, whether at the casino or our yearly pilgrimage to as many Albertson stores as possible to play Albertson’s Monopoly game.  Dianne and I decided to head down to the Houston area where there are Randall grocery stores, a subsidiary of Albertson’s.  We happened to visit two stores, where we found the Ramen noodles to be 4/$1.00 and an Albertson Bonus ticket for each noodle package.  We put as many as they had on their shelves into our grocery cart.  Randall stores do not have the shelf space for flats of noodles as Albertson’s does, so we took them all.  The shelters would not get as many noodles this time!   As we checked out, the clerk handed us (one) ticket total for our effort.  We knew something was amiss.  So off to the Customer service area where we would plead our case.   The first store we visited had no problem with giving us the extra tickets at Customer service.  However, the second store was quite different.  After buying a large quantity of noodles and getting a few tickets we headed once again to Customer service.  The woman behind the counter was sure that the sign on the shelf meant only one ticket for as many noodles as one can buy.  I asked her if I could buy some Quaker Oats oatmeal in a quantity to test out her reasoning.  I bought 4 oatmeal boxes and received 5 tickets.  The extra ticket is complimentary for anyone buying anything at the store.  She then called the manager. He was foreign born and had a difficult time with understanding us.  Finally a light must have gone off in his head and he gave us the requested tickets.  It was somewhat embarrassing to be arguing about silly tickets and having people walk by giving us “judgy” looks but hey, we don’t live here.  We did receive a semi-rare or rare game piece from them and hopefully we will benefit from it during this contest.  But again, how many people were shorted game tickets during this month?  I can’t be everyone’s advocate, so you people out there playing the game, beware.

We could not see going to Houston without stopping in some of our favorite consignment shops.  The Guild Shop on Dunlavy Street is amazing.  The quality of merchandise reflects where the shop is located.  Near the River Oaks neighborhood, the shop is nestled among old streets lined with huge oak trees.  There is an outside shop as well with antique doors, garden furniture, and tables.  You must check it out.  Proceeds go to benefit Episcopalian charities.





We then headed back to Dianne’s house for the night.  We had planned to go to Naskila Casino in Livingston the next day,  because I had never been there and then go back to Dianne’s house that evening.  Dianne’s husband, Jim thought that backtracking the roads would be silly and that we needed to go on to the Horseshoe in Bossier City, Louisiana after that.  We had planned to go the day after Naskila anyway.  I called my slot host and he arranged an extra night for us so we got up early and drove an hour and a half to Livingston.  The parking lot was so crowded that I dropped Dianne at the door and proceeded to find someplace to park.  Having never been to Naskila I wondered if I would find Dianne in the casino.  Well there was no problem since it was about at big as my garage.  After an hour we were on the road again to Horseshoe.

We checked in to Horseshoe and the hotel had a promotion for the month of March.  It was a pair of pillows.  They are very soft pillows and remind me of the pillows in the room.  The next day the casino was giving away the first piece of luggage in a set.  It was comical to see the two packs of pillows, and two pieces of luggage fill up the back seat of my small car.  But we never pass up a freebie.



I guess I can say that no large jackpots were hit in this adventure but we were able to advance our tier credits to try to keep our Diamond club status for the next year.  Dianne did win a good hit on Buffalo.

We were able to eat for free, thanks to Dianne.  She was sent a $100  and a $50 food credit for the week.  Our first meal was at Binion’s Steakhouse where we had a wedge salad with blue cheese crumbles and a bowl of Crab bisque.  It was paired with a delicious bread basket and that was all we needed.



The next night we ate at Four Winds, an Asian Restaurant.  Dianne and I love Asian food so we had a little of everything.  First course was a combination platter with fried shrimp, crab Rangoon, eggroll, and Barbeque pork.  Dianne also had a cup of Wonton soup and I had Egg flower soup. Then Dianne ordered Kung Pao Shrimp and I ordered Cashew Chicken.  Both were delicious and we had so much to bring home.  Thank goodness Horseshoe rooms have refrigerators.  Dianne used her $100 food credit there and we had extra money so we decided to do something we had never done before.  It was legal so don’t jump to conclusions.   We ordered Sake.  They served it warm and it was horrible.  One sip and that was all it took.  Being frugal by nature, I tried to give it away to another table, but the waiter kept shaking his head.  Glad we didn’t pay for it.










Sorry, I guess we dove into our Kung Pao and Cashew chicken without taking pictures.

The last night we decided to go to the Diamond club and eat for free.  I had free buffets, but we would use that for Saturday morning breakfast.  The club was serving crab cakes, fajitas, fruit and cheese, chips and dips.  It was plenty and we were sitting at the bar hoping to get in on some good conversation.  Soon a woman and her daughter took a seat.  They were dressed immaculately and had beautiful smiles.  They were on a trip with some other 30 women from the Palestine, Tx area.  Some had traveled on a bus, while Jeanette and Margo had traveled together.  These ladies, and I mean elegant sweet ladies, were a joy to meet.

Jeanette, Rosemary, Margo, Lou

I hope to write again, keeping you informed on all our adventures.

Dianne and Marie, the original Slotsisters



No Reservations Needed On The Reservation

Well, I guess it’s time for me to eat my words.  Texas finally has a casino.  It’s called the Naskila Casino owned and operated by the Alabama Coushatta tribe and it’s located in between Livingston and Woodville, north of Houston.  Actually there are two other casinos in Texas situated on Indian reservations – one in El Paso and one at Eagle Pass.  The one in El Paso is a Harrah’s Cherokee Casino on the western border of Texas and the Kickapoo Casino in Eagle Pass is in South Texas.  Texas is so big that the two casinos that existed were so far away from Dallas or Houston, that it wasn’t really a viable option.  It is a lot closer to drive to Louisiana or Oklahoma to play.

Texas has long since had horse racing and dog racing, as well as the lottery which included scratch-off’s, Mega Millions and Powerball games.  It would only seem natural that casino gambling would follow, which it did.  After Eagle Pass and El Paso opened casinos on Indian land, one would expect that the Indian Reservation at Livingston would follow suit.  In 2001 the Alabama Coushatta tribe opened a casino on the very site where the lawmakers in Texas would close it in 2002 and then reopen the casino in 2016.  John Cornyn was serving as Texas Attorney General at the time of the first opening and was still in office when the casino was closed nine months later.  It was decided that Texas law would override Federal law and that casinos were illegal in Texas.  Not only did the tribal members lose their jobs but were plunged into poverty for a second time.  The area surrounding and including the reservation is very poor and there is a scarcity of jobs. The casino is now employing around 200 people from the tribe as well as the surrounding area to work in the casino and restaurant.  Hopefully with success comes expansion and will lead to a larger facility and a hotel.

From my house the drive takes me about an hour and forty-five minutes.  And to Lake Charles and Shreveport, Louisiana takes me a little over four hours.  Not that Marie and I will trade in our preferences for Naskila, we will still make the trek to Louisiana and Oklahoma.  Naskila does not at this time have table games, only slots.  Which is fine with us since Marie doesn’t play the tables and I don’t always.

When you walk in the door you walk into the non-smoking section.  Toward the back to the left is the smoking section in a closed-in area.  Non-smokers will love it.  I actually kind of enjoy the smell of fresh cigarette smoke, just not stale smoke.  I quit smoking eleven years ago and still miss it.

I arrived at Naskila at 10 am and told my husband I would leave by 3 pm so I could get home before dark.  Plus the road between my house and Naskila is like so many roads in Texas – under construction.  As it turns out I was ready to leave by 3:00 because I had a very profitable day and wanted to leave while I was ahead.  I had several good hits on Dragon’s Heat and several other machines I had never seen before.  I had a ticket in my purse for over $300 so I decided to go back to the first machine I played when I first got there called High Voltage Blackout.  I was hitting bonuses and multipliers and all of a sudden I hit wilds all across the screen except for one square.  That spin paid $849 so with the credits I had in the machine I ended up cashing out $1400.  I took the ticket to the cashout machine and got in my car and left.



It was a very good day and I am anxious to go back and take Marie to see what she thinks about it.  I really had a good time and felt good about my wins.  I hope the Indians do well with Naskila and pave the road for more in Texas.  I have heard for years that Tilman Fertitta would like to develop casinos in Galveston, that since it is an island, it could legally happen.  I am surprised it hasn’t yet, but I continue to hope.

Next week Marie and I will fly to Biloxi courtesy of the Beau Rivage.  When we get back to Texas we will rest for one day before heading to the Artesian in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  They sent us an offer we couldn’t refuse.  Until our next trip report, the Slotsisters will be coming to a casino near you.